When was GTA 5 made

GTA 6: Trailer for the "rock star hit" is to be shown during Super Bowl 2021

The action game GTA 5 broke numerous sales records in 2013 and is still one of the most successful games of all time. Nothing is known about the alleged successor - that could change tonight, fans believe.

The video game series "Grand Theft Auto" from the game studio "Rockstar" is one of the most successful game series of all time. In the game you always take on the role of a petty criminal in a fictional US city, who works his way up to the top of the crime scene in the course of the game.

The series is also known for its vicious society and pop culture satire, which is deeply anchored in the titles and to which the games owe their extraordinary cult status. However, GTA games have repeatedly come under criticism from parents and youth advocates for their portrayal of violence.

The game GTA 5, which is now over seven years old, is still very popular with millions of players thanks to its lovingly maintained online mode. Nevertheless, fans are eagerly waiting for the first clues about a possible successor.

Because Rockstar has not even confirmed the work on a successor - even if it is generally assumed.

No official confirmation, but a lot of rumors

In a Reddit forum, fans believe they have found solid evidence that Rockstar could break his silence this Sunday, February 7th, during the Super Bowl, the world's most watched TV event of the year.

The indications for this are different: First, the football event will take place in Miami this year - and rumors were already loud last year that GTA 6 could be based on the earlier series part "Vice City", which is also based on Miami-based city of the 80s plays. So an idea in this context would be appropriate.

Another point revolves around the R'n'B and hip-hop star "The Weeknd". He is said to have worked with Rockstar last year and will appear in the Super Bowl halftime show this year. In an alternative YouTube video for his hit "Blinding Lights", the words "Grand Theft Auto VI" could already be read. At least the latter does not seem to be related to the rock star or the artist.

A GTA 6 trailer is not really likely

But these arguments do not seem to be valid. The most credible time would be here: After seven years, it would actually be time to announce a successor to the game hit, especially since the new PS5 and Xbox Series S | X consoles were not announced until the fall. One could hardly ask for more attention for the presentation of its title.

Despite the rumor mill, fans shouldn't let their hopes get too high. Because none of these are real clues. Whether Rockstar is really ready to present the successor to GTA V is anything but clear - especially since the company currently still makes very good money from GTA V Online. A source of income that the company certainly does not want to stall too soon.