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Blanket Jackson: Michael Jackson's son has grown up

A rare snapshot of Blanket Jackson shows how tall Michael Jackson's youngest son has already grown

Fans still remember the terrifying moment when Michael Jackson († 50) held his son Blanket out of the window of a Berlin hotel in 2002 to present him to the world. The youngest son of the King of Pop, who died ten years ago, was still a little baby at the time.

New photo of Blanket Jackson

Meanwhile, Prince Michael Jackson II - as the youngest offspring of Michael Jackson is called with full name - is 17 years old. A rare snapshot now reveals how big the public-shy Blanket Jackson has already become.

From little kid to cool teenager

Older brother Prince Michael Jackson, 22, shared a photo on Instagram showing that Blanket - who has called himself Bigi for four years - has become a grown young man. In the group picture, the 17-year-old with the long hair is in the middle of the back row. He's wearing a gray Marvel t-shirt that he is holding onto with his left hand and laughing at the camera along with the others. Apparently the group of friends has watched the new science fiction film "Avengers: Endgame". The Marvel action flick has been flickering on the big screens since the end of April.

Followers on Instagram also notice that Michael Jackson's little son has become a cool teenager: "Bigi has grown so big," commented a fan on the photo. Another writes: "Bigi would be famous on social media, but I'm glad he's not there."

Death of his father Michael Jackson

Since the death of his father, Blanket Jackson - in contrast to his siblings Prince and Paris Jackson, 21, - has completely withdrawn from the public. As "People" reports, he suffered most from the tragic loss. "He was very lost and shaken," said an insider. Although Blanket Jackson now feels comfortable around him, he is still very shy and reserved with people he does not know.

Michael Jackson (†) 10 years ago the "King of Pop" died

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