What is Flex STP

STP FLOW is an innovative product based on STP prepolymer, which is used to protect the body. It forms a strong and permanently elastic layer that is resistant to falling rocks. It is also characterized by excellent sound-absorbing and damping properties. The compound is intended for use with compressed air guns, which results in special surface structures. The product makes it possible to reproduce original surface structures that are used in cars. The sealant is based on the latest hybrid resin production technology and combines the strength of polyurethane with elasticity and the adhesion and weather resistance of siloxanes. The product does not contain isocyanates, which increases working comfort and does not expose the user to any harmful effects of the ingredients. The product is characterized by easy processing and good stability as well as high adhesion to various substrates.

STP FLOW means:

  1. Fast curing
  2. Persistence and flexibility
  3. Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  4. Very stable over time and weatherproof
  5. Can be covered with water and thinner based products.
  6. Very long chemical activity - up to 10 days
  7. Good sound-absorbing and anti-vibration properties
  8. Does not contain isocyanates, which irritate the skin and respiratory tract when applied.
  9. Ability to restore original surface structures used in cars.

Consistency that allows more blurred structures to be achieved. Use with compressed air guns.

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