What characteristics define a successful CEO

Top managers become properties secrets strategies

He's not easy professional way up. Certainly something also belongs luck to.

  • But which properties Mark Top managers?

  • Which Management skills are indispensable?

  • How do typical Career paths to the Top management?

  • Which Strategies and Concepts bring you whole up?

  • And how can you get from the Secrets more successful Top executives benefit?

What is a top manager?

definition: As a C-level or top management, the top level in companies and organizations designated for strategy, growth and Further development responsible is.

Top managers are responsible to supervisory boards, advisory boards, shareholders, shareholders' meetings and owners.

Often there is talk of the management, the company management or the board of directors. Associated positions are, for example, CEO, CIO, CFO, CSO and numerous others.

Study: How do I become a top manager?

There are always studies on the professional background, career paths and age of top managers. The country comparison, for example Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK, is also interesting.

Heidrick & Struggles: Study

The renowned personnel consultancy Heidrick & Struggles (focus on executive search and, in the subsequent step, executive assessment) has researched these empirical data for Germany.

The typical CEO in German companies is

  • male,

  • on average 56 years old,

  • usually has a financial or engineering-oriented professional background,

  • often has a doctorate,

  • has often made a career within the company

  • and has been at the top of the company for seven years.

Practice: more ways possible

The study results on the way to the top are certainly not a real surprise for attentive observers and those familiar with international and national top management.

When it comes to CEO positions, are

  • in-depth study knowledge in the fields of business or MINT,

  • Continuity in career,

  • excellent knowledge of business management and

  • excellent management skills


However, it doesn't always have to be a DAX company. Career is also possible in medium-sized companies.

And top management isn't just about CEO positions. CFO, CIO, CSO, managing directors and divisional managers (all male / female) have also made use of their career options (overview: C-level managers).

Ultimately, verifiable successes, exceptional commitment and special achievements count more than just certificates from renowned universities.

Secrets of successful top managers

In order to be successful at the top of companies in the long term, monetary incentives are probably not enough. At least that applies to the majority of the top managers that we have experienced and advised in our coaching sessions.

Driving torque

The top performers we have met know about their individual driving forces. And enjoy their position in companies, associations and organizations in order to steer, shape, act and change.

Recognize yourself in these seven secrets of successful top managers again?

  1. Strong in innovation: You are excited about establishing new and innovative products or services on the market.

  2. Competitive: You need the challenge posed by strong competitors in the market.

  3. Strategically: You detect Make mistakes in corporate strategy earlier than others, and take countermeasures.

  4. personality: You are less adjusted and fight for their opinions and beliefs.

  5. Curious: You are constantly learning and are always interested of new ideas, trends, innovations.

  6. Change: You don't be afraid before changes, challenges and upheavals.

  7. Success oriented: You enjoy achieved successes with her management team and employees.

Characteristics: 25 competencies from top managers

When you think of managers who have impressed you personally or who are still impressing you: What are the characteristics of your role models?

Learn from the best

Apple: Which Core competencies did you think Steve Jobs distinguished him?

Google: Which Strengthen do you associate Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google LLC and its holding company Alphabet Inc.?

Tesla: With which properties do you associate Elon Musk?

Fresenius: Which Leadership skills characterize the CFO Rachel Empey?

Daimler AG: And about which Management talents does the board member Britta Seeger have?

Management skills

The way to the top of a company will not succeed without management skills.

Take a close look at your competencies, strengths, talents and leadership qualities - and develop them continuously.

For example, your strategic thinking, your analytical thinking or your positive willingness to take risks.

Strategic thinking

Company managers can think in a complex and structured way in order to plan, design, define and optimize company strategies.

This is about the core competence of strategic thinking in detail.

Analytical thinking

Challenging competitive situations cannot be mastered without analytical thinking. Therefore, for top executives the ability to efficiently and systematically grasp multidimensional issues, to distinguish essential from insignificant and to subdivide options for action into core and secondary topics is indispensable.

Learn more about analytical thinking here.

Positive risk taking

Enormous upheavals are currently taking place in many companies and industries. However, risks always also offer opportunities, both for companies and for career-oriented managers

As a top manager, you should be able to adequately assess risks, seize opportunities and overcome resistance: Willingness to take risks - courageous as a manager

List: characteristics of top managers

  1. strategic thinking

  2. analytical thinking

  3. positive risk taking

  4. agile leadership

  5. appreciative leadership

  6. Hands-on mentality

  7. entrepreneurial thinking

  8. Enthusiasm

  9. confident demeanor

  10. Assertiveness

  11. complex thinking

  12. quick decision-making

  13. Result orientation

  14. customer focus