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Dress up as a policeman for carnival? - It's sexy, cool, and extremely popular. But which police uniform should it be? Here are the most stylish international uniforms of the executive in the ranking:

3rd place: The South Korean tourist police

"Ö3 lunch charts" with Andi Knoll, March 4, 2014

Lightning blue jacket, gray shirt, gray tie, black pants, black aviator sunglasses. A very cool, very eye-catching police uniform! - Do you remember the most famous South Korean rapper, Psy? - No wonder, the uniforms were designed by his costume designer!

South Korea now unveiled the new tourist multilinqual police force based on the global success of "Gangnam Style". pic.twitter.com/5OWFN9nMEo

- Ron Flens (@RonFlens) October 18, 2013

2nd place: The Italian Carabinieri

The Italian god of design, Valentino, was personally responsible for this. He designed the stylish black uniforms with the red stripes on the side.

JOHANNES EISELE / AFP / picturedesk.com

2nd place: Carabinieri

1st place: The Florida Highway Patrol

You know them from US series, the uniforms with the sahara brown trousers, the jackets of the same color and the black hat. This conveys authority and the colors go particularly well in a country with a very warm climate, says the Austrian police uniform designer Barbara Mungenast. In 2013 this uniform was voted “Best Dressed Police Department Uniform In The United States” ... and we don't want to contradict that.

Even the Florida highway patrol officers want their pictures taken with our founder / owner / skater @KokiStephenson haha ​​pic.twitter.com/ZGbmWD8t

- slyder skateboards (@slyderskateteam) February 1, 2013

In which...

The Austrian police uniforms are also very popular. And not only today as a carnival disguise, but also with our Bavarian neighbors from the police. According to a recent survey, more than 2/3 of Bavarian police officers want uniforms like those of their Austrian colleagues in the future. Our dark blue uniforms were designed by the Austrian artist and designer Barbara Mungenast in 2005.

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