How does meditation mindfulness benefit leaders

Mindfulness in the workplace

The drastic increase in stress and burnout in our modern working world has long been a threat not only to the health and quality of life of the individual, but also increasingly to the performance of our economy. Studies indicate that 50-60% of all lost work days are related to stress problems.

So - and this is a great opportunity - executives and HR managers in particular are called upon to deal with the causes of stress and burnout. And of course with the question of what can be done about it.

As complex and individual as the emergence of stress is, the concepts for effective, sustainable stress management and burnout prophylaxis must also be holistic and tailor-made. This takes more than strengthening the stress competencies of individual employees. Ideally, the workplaces and times, the organizational structures and, last but not least, the social and communicative interaction should be designed in such a way that it is beneficial to the health and motivation of all people involved in your company.

In addition to various awareness and stress management trainings in the workplace, I therefore offer various mindfulness formats as well as holistic stress management solutions for companies in conjunction with competent colleagues in the nationwide network "Mindfulness at the Workplace".

The aim and concern of our work is to establish a mindful, clear and appreciative attitude at more and more workplaces, which benefits the health and motivation of all employees and thus also the performance and economic success of the company.

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