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What is important to me in life? - my top 10

Money, true love, health. That's what pretty much everyone wants. But if you take a closer look at the question of what is really important in life, it seems more difficult to answer than initially thought. I've put together my personal top 10 to encourage you to think about what your list would look like.

Have you always wanted to be rich because you think that would solve all problems? Sure, that would be a nice idea, but reality (let's not kid ourselves) often looks different. Even if many people's “What-I-want-in-life” lists overlap in some points, it is worthwhile to think carefully about what actually counts. My selection can serve as a small guide.

Rank 10: nature

No, I'm not a city dweller for whom a green traffic island or a tree by the way is the epitome of nature. I grew up in a village from which you can't even make out the shadow of high-rise buildings beyond the wide fields. That's why I appreciate the peace and quiet of my childhood. But since I'm (still) more drawn to big cities, because they simply seem more exciting to me, I had to relegate nature to the bottom of my top 10. But for too long I can't stay away from my home village and the house with its large garden, in which I played in the sandpit as a child, without longing for country life.

9th place: adventure

Basically, a bit of action and adventure, be it on a wild party night or in an amusement park with fast roller coasters, is not wrong every now and then. After all, we are on this earth to live and experience something. True to my secret motto "It's all in the mix", for me action and relaxation are equally important. Of course, this also implies that there has to be a balance between the two points and neither should overly predominate.

8th place: travel

Going on a trip around the world once - many dream of that too. But for me it doesn't always have to go that far away. By travel I understand both the exploration of foreign countries and cultures as well as the smaller city trips across Germany. What counts is the variety. Sometimes the primary goal is relaxation by the pool or a long walk through winding streets, into well-known buildings and sometimes up to the roof. I have already been able to fulfill one of my big travel dreams: I have visited New York, the city that actually never seems to sleep.

To have seen with my own eyes such a famous place, which is mentioned in numerous films and series, means a lot to me. To allude to a classic of German music: I've been to New York, but I've never been to Hawaii, and I've never been to San Francisco. So these places are on another list of mine that still has to be worked through in life.

7th place: balance

This is where the already mentioned balance can be found again. But it is not so much the balance between exciting and relaxing activities that is meant, but rather the balance of the soul. So I want to try not to stress myself too much and at the same time approach my projects with ambition. I would also like to be more balanced in my private life than I am most of the time. Balance is something that I struggle to implement every day.

6th place: freedom

Freedom is a term that can be filled with different aspects and viewed from different perspectives. In addition to basic rights such as freedom of the press and freedom of expression, it is also important to me in life to freely decide within my (financial) possibilities where the path should go. Claiming a little freedom of choice for yourself is certainly not selfish, rather almost essential. Personally, I discover freedom in very small things, such as nature or health. Therefore, in order to feel free, one does not need to have any riches or to have to go through life unbound. In a sense, freedom is what you make of it and the way in which you deal with yourself and your life.

5th place: goals

Without set goals, one is far too lacking in drive in life. These goals do not have to be big ones, which seem impossible in the current life situation, they can also be very small and narrow. Many people set goals related to their weight and fitness or their job prospects, which is not wrong. But most of the time, milestones are easier to achieve and encourage stamina to reach the end goal. Do you want to lose weight? Well, don't tell yourself "I want to lose 10 kilos in two weeks", but start going out, slowly changing your diet and looking for like-minded people. I often set myself daily, weekly or monthly goals that help me not to lose sight of what I have set out to do.

4th place: courage

What is courage Difficult question. For me, courage means breaking through your own comfort zone in order to open yourself to the world. I will go on a semester abroad, live in a foreign country, with foreign people whose language I do not speak. But it will change me and make me more courageous, so that it will be easier for me to defeat my inner “retainer” at home too.

3rd place: Financial independence

My top 3 important things will certainly not surprise anyone. But by financial independence I don't necessarily mean having a lot of power and a lot of money. I only need enough to firmly integrate the items on this list into my life in stages. Of course, I also wish for professional success, but that too rarely comes overnight. I'll pull out the next phrase and say: "The journey is the goal". Therefore I will strive for this independence as best I can.

2nd place: social contacts

For me, social contacts include joy, family, life companions and “just” acquaintances. They are the kit that holds us together as human beings and that is why they are almost the most important to me. Finding true friends, getting along with family members and not breaking up at the first argument are really difficult endeavors. The relationship that contacts with other people have for one's own self-confidence also differs from person to person. For me, it is crucial that I feel comfortable and so do my counterparts. To some extent, this also includes social engagement for others. It's a field that I really appreciate, but in which I actually don't move enough. Surely a goal that I could set myself in order to pay a little more attention to giving than to taking.

1st place: health

Honestly, what wishes do we have when we are sick? Of course, only one thing: get well. For me, everything is based on health. Of course, you are healthy most of all if you have no physical limitations. But I think you have to find a personal level of health at every age and in every situation with which you can live happily. It is of no use to imagine that you are still 20 in old age or to wish in vain as a wheelchair user that you could walk. I belong to the (physically) unrestricted people and only have "ailments" here and there that thwart my plans. Therefore, of course, I cannot fully empathize with people who are disadvantaged in terms of health. In some cases, however, health can simply be subjective. For my part, I strive to always be healthy enough to have a full life. Of course, I can't say exactly what that looks like.

That was my top 10. What does yours look like?

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