How do I make my lips lighter

Make lips lighter - possible?

Hi Guys,

is there any way to get lips lighter? So, I mean, reduced the intensity of the color of the lips? Example: You put on white or at least light make-up, but you have full, red lips. The resulting makeup doesn't look particularly good with the lips. The lips should be less red, less intense what can you do?

Many Thanks

Lips lighter - is possible

Hey Melanie, there is a way to make your lips lighter. either you take light lipstick / lip gloss or give it a try if you just smear make-up over it. otherwise you can only say: "be so happy with yourself as you are because every person is pretty !!!!!" :) love greetings LOL

So I don't have the same problem but I mean, isn't it nice to have such beautiful cherry red lips ????
Also, I don't think I know that it's not that bad my girlfriend has the same problem and now she doesn't care because you can tell that she hasn't made up her lips because it looks very different than when you put real lipstick on it and besides, it's something I find a small feature special that you don't have to be ashamed of
What do you think of my opinion ???

Just leave alkahol on your face for 10 minutes every day

I ALSO HATE RED LIPS :) I also have make-up ... and whenever I drink or eat something, it looks totally stupid afterwards, at parties it's also annoying. I keep looking in the mirror to see what my lips look like. that annoys me so much ... I also don't feel like putting make-up or something on my lips all my life. would like that they are always like that person =) I take a masking pen from Manhattan, it's relatively good ... ;-) Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

I also have very dark red lips, which I don't really like.
But I do it like this:
I use a Conecleaner, a very light one, the lightest one.
The conecleaner is just like a lipstick.
(You would have to buy a concleanerstick.)
In any case, if you did it the same way, you'd put on lipstick.
Then your lips look, but not very natural,
then you just do, (either light pink, or red-pink. depending on the)
lip gloss on it. :).
I always use the lipglos 'peaches' from is tol.
Although it had no color, it had a slight sheen of .. phrosic lips.

If you don't want your lips to shine, I recommend you
just take a lip liner,
in the color. * red, pink, orange, brown *
YOUR WHOLE lips, not just the contour to paint on.
then the conceaner and then you have great nude lips.


Hey :).
It's the burner. I have exactly the same problem. And yes .. maybe thank you * Problem * would be an exaggeration to say yes, but no, that's not it. I am a very dutch guy, have a very expressive eye area, dark hair and naturally full, cherry-red lips. She sounds strange too, but Aieen is absolutely right. As soon as you just put on a little makeup [which is sometimes necessary because of impurities] or just lightly rub your eyelashes, it looks absolutely unnatural, as if you were absolutely slapping yourself. In addition, one is zero changeable and does not seem naturally oO.

With my current solution, [first peel, then apply care balm, light foundation and well covering rose-apricot-colored lipstick from Artdecko (Lipstylo, No. 3, really recommended!).] I can get along well, but you get along well really weird for a while. It's seriously on the psyche: D. I mean, everyone wants redder lips and you try to make them lighter yourself by all means -.-. But that's not the only problem. The longer you wear the * mixture * on your lips, the more ribell and greasy the whole thing will be [very bad in high heat].

I can understand that other people believe that you seriously * have a stick *, maybe you have that too, but definitely not in this respect. It's just the reverse of making the lips red. It's just trickier.

In any case, it calms you down a lot when you know that you are not the only one who has this shortcoming: /;).

In any case, I will not give up the mysterious search for a long-lasting solution and then I will inform you immediately;).

Best regards. ♥

No, because lighter lipstick doesn't cover the red lips .. that looks unnatural .. and even worse ..
Then I not only look made up, but I AM it: /

Can't you just use a lipstick that's a light color? So pink, for example? Or is that too simple?

I have the same problem with my lips .. they are so red and because i wear make up i just look soo made up even though i really am not .. my lips are just so red. That's why I've been covering my lips with make-up for 3 years, but it's just not THE SOLUTION .. there is a very strange feeling on the lips .. the ripples are so wrinkled, I can't put lip gloss over there on some put the red shimmering through again .. Can you Dana or someone else tell me which make-up is suitable and which lip gloss .. because as soon as I eat or drink something my lips are red again. Please help me!

Hello Melanie !

There are a few methods you can try. You could just try a pale rose lip gloss, if you have powdered the lips beforehand (or used light make-up) the lips are a little lighter, the lip gloss then brings some kind of protection over the lips. But it should be waterproof lip gloss, otherwise you may take time to make up :)

You can of course just apply a light lipstick. You can also mix 2 colors. eg white lipstick with a color like pink (then looks lighter) or a light orange.

If you have any questions, just go :)

best regards