Borosilicate glass water bottles can be refilled

Borosilicate glass

What do parents have to consider when buying drinking bottles for children?

In order for children to use their drinking bottle and not simply bring it home unopened, it should meet a number of important criteria. We help with the following overview to find the right school drinking bottle.

Light closure: The water bottle you choose for your child must be easy to open and close. Often it is exactly the problem: Children's drinking bottles look nice, but are completely impractical in everyday use. Our glass drinking bottles can be opened and closed very easily with the sports cap.


Radiant colors: Of course, the drinking bottles for children also have to be nice to look at and fun. You get the glass bottles with a silicone cover in many bright colors. From this you can choose the favorite color for your child.


The right size: Children's bottles must not be too big or too small. With a filling volume of 500ml, our glass drinking bottles are just the right size for on the go. Your child always has enough to drink at school or while exercising.


Light weight: So that the school and sports bag is not unnecessarily heavy, you can save a lot of weight, especially with the drinking bottle. In contrast to other materials, our glass drinking bottles are lightweight and, thanks to their ergonomic shape, they fit perfectly into any school bag.


No pollutants: It goes without saying that especially with children, we have to do without pollutants in bottles. Our glass children's drinking bottles contain neither chemical poisons nor plasticizers. The closure and the silicone cover are also completely BPA-free.


Leakproof: Jumping, romping, bouncing: water bottles in the children's backpack have to be able to withstand a lot. It can quickly happen that the water bottle leaks or is put upside down in the backpack. The school book and the homework booklet or even the sports equipment should stay dry if possible. Our drinking bottles are absolutely leak-proof - even when a shower head is filled.


Safe grip surface: The drinking bottle is often touched with squishy, ​​slippery and sticky hands. That is why we have designed the surface of our children's drinking bottles to be particularly easy to grip. They lie comfortably in the hand and therefore do not fall into the dirt unnecessarily.


Easy cleaning: Cleaning the drinking bottle is an important issue, especially for children. The drinking bottle should be cleaned every day if possible - preferably in the dishwasher. You can easily get it clean again without having to wipe it around with dish brushes and the like.


Shockproof and shatterproof: Our drinking bottles for children, like the outdoor bottles for adults, are made of break-proof and shock-proof borosilicate glass. The silicone cover offers additional protection so that you don't have to worry about broken pieces in your school backpack.


That's a lot of demands, aren't they? Fortunately, our glass drinking bottles made of borosilicate glass can reliably meet all of these requirements. This makes the drinking bottles the perfect companion for school, daycare or physical education.