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2 Welcome to WORLD INSIGHT Our team consists of 70 travel professionals in Cologne and more than 300 travel experts worldwide. On our tours you will experience your travel destination in all its facets, meet the country and its people at eye level. In order to achieve the best possible prices for your dream trip, we do without travel agents and commission transactions. So you book directly with us. We do not save on quality: This includes paying service providers such as tour guides or bus drivers fairly. That is a matter of honor and the basis for traveling with a heart. We also try to protect the environment on our tours and we support social projects worldwide. Honesty towards you is very important to us: Our tours often lead to adventurous regions that are incredibly exciting, but where not everything is always predictable. Our promise: We will do our best to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, because we make trips from friends for friends. Advice and booking w w w.w o r l d - i n s i g h t. d e i n f w o r l d - i n s i g h t. On Mondays Saturdays O ur WORLDINSIGHTZ entraleim Kölner A irport - B usinesspark Stop: S-Bahn Frankfurter Strasse Alter D eutzer Postw eg 99, Cologne Mondays Fridays o'clock W ORLD INSIGH T Reisecenter in the Cologne I nnenstadt K olpingplatz 1, On Mondays Saturdays at 2/22

3 Contents 1. The world of WORLD INSIGHT 1.1 explore2gether the travel community of WORLD INSIGHT 1.2 My WORLD INSIGHT 1.3 Travel magazine 1.4 Travel reports 1.5 Events 2. Arrival by train / Rail & Fly ticket 3. Embassies & consulates 3.1 Foreign missions 3.2 Embassies and consulates of Myanmar 4. Entry regulations and Customs regulations 4.1 Travel documents 4.2 Visa 4.3 Vaccination regulations 4.4 Customs regulations 5. Food & drink 6. Flight information 6.1 Information about your flight 6.2 Information about your luggage 7. Money & currency 7.1 Currency 7.2 Payment on site (money exchange, giro card, credit card) 8. Vaccinations & health when traveling 8.1 Vaccination recommendations 8.2 Health information 8.3 Travel medical advice 8.4 Information on reduced mobility 9. Clothing & equipment 9.1 Clothing 9.2 Recommended luggage / checklist 10. Climate 11. Climate-conscious travel with WORLD INSIGHT and atmosfair 12. Country-specific information and safety 12.1 Conduct in the country of travel 12.2 On-site safety12.3 Excursion to the Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) 13. Travel literature / 22

4 13.1 MairDumont travel guide 13.2 Further literature recommendations 14. Travel insurance 15. Voltage 16. Telephony & Internet 16.1 Telephony 16.2 Internet 17. Tips & extra costs 17.1 Tips 17.2 Extra costs 18. Time difference / 22

5 1. The world of WORLD INSIGHT 1.1 explore2gether the travel community of WORLD INSIGHT Find people in your area who love to travel and get to know fellow travelers in advance for your next WORLD INSIGHT trip. If you are traveling individually, you can also find travel partners for your next tour here. Easily create photo galleries or your own travel blog in an appealing design. Exchange ideas in the travel forum on topics from A for departure to Z for destination and reveal your own personal insider tips on the world map! » Important: In order to get to know your fellow travelers online, you need both a My WORLD INSIGHT customer account and your own profile in the travel community explore2gether. In order to be able to use the My Trips function, all you have to do is connect both accounts online. 1.2 My WORLD INSIGHT Create your own WORLD INSIGHT customer account! This means that you have all your travel data at hand with just one click and can use them directly for your next online booking. You also have an overview of the details of all trips that you have already made with WORLD INSIGHT or booked with us. " 1.3 Travel magazine Great country reports with fascinating pictures arouse your wanderlust! Get to know the people with whom we work in the target areas: What is their everyday life like, what is important to them and what do they dream of? Our travel guests also have their say here. With their reports they give you lively and authentic impressions of extraordinary tours all over the world. " 1.4 Travel reports Travel reports with atmospheric photos or videos from our guests give real insights into what awaits you on our trips. You will find the most beautiful travel reports among other things. on our website, in the travel magazine or in our catalogs. We look forward to your personal impressions from your WORLD INSIGHT tour. If your travel report is shortlisted and we then publish it, you will receive a valuable travel voucher worth 100 as a thank you! In order to participate, we need from you: your travel report on approx. 2-3 pages approx. Your best photos in original resolution a photo of you on the tour Send us your travel report to Larger files you can easily send us via WeTransfer under Events Let's get together dream of distant lands, discover new things and inspire great trips and adventures. If you have not yet met our team personally, for the 5/22

6, our events are a great way to get to know each other, to find out more, to chat and to have fun. So visit us as part of our series of events, catalog presentations, trade fairs, country evenings and world explorers! » 2. Arrival by train / Rail & Fly ticket With the catalog, the Rail & Fly ticket for environmentally friendly travel to and from the airport within Germany is already included in the price of all of our trips, with the exception of our Individual product line. About 7 to 10 days before departure, you will receive a separate PDF with your flight ticket (e-ticket) with your Rail & Fly ticket to download and print out. It works differently with a few airlines: In these cases, you will receive a so-called pick-up number (reservation number) together with your flight document. You can use this to download and print the ticket directly from the Deutsche Bahn website at the earliest 72 hours before departure, load it onto your mobile phone or create it at a DB ticket machine. You can find the right connection to get to your departure airport yourself. Please choose this so that you will be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. Seat reservations on the train are not part of this service, but you can book them at any time for a fee via DB. Disclaimer: Timely arrival is the sole responsibility of the traveler. WORLD INSIGHT Erlebnisreisen does not accept any liability in the event of a missed departure as a result of the passenger's own fault or as a result of train delays of any kind. All consequential costs as a result of a missed departure are borne by the passenger. The conditions for the Rail & Fly ticket and further information can be found on our website at Arrival by train / R & F ticket. 3. Embassies & Consulates Below you will find the contact details for the diplomatic mission in the host country for German, Austrian and Swiss citizens and the embassies and consulates for Myanmar in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 3.1 Foreign missions In the event that you need help on site (e.g. if you lose your passport), please contact your diplomatic mission abroad: German Embassy in Yangon: 9 Bogyoke Aung San Museum Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar 6/22

7 Telephone:,, Fax: Web: Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Thailand (no embassy in Myanmar): 14, Soi Nantha-Mozart, Soi 1, Sathorn Tai Road Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok Telephone: bangkok-ob (at) bmeia. Web: Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Yangon: Vantage Tower 623 Pyay Road Kamayut Township, Yangon, Myanmar Telephone: / 66/67 Fax: Web: Embassies and consulates of Myanmar For questions about the entry requirements for Myanmar, general consular services and specific questions are the embassies and consulates of Myanmar official contact points. The contact details of the Myanmar diplomatic and consular missions abroad are: Embassy of Myanmar in Berlin, Germany: Thielallee Berlin Telephone: Fax: or Web: Embassy of Myanmar in Vienna, Austria: Donau-City-Str. 6, Top 9th floor - (Andromeda Tower) Vienna - Austria 7/22

8 Phone: Fax: Web: Myanmar Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland: 47 Av. Blanc 1202 Geneva Telephone: Fax: Web: 4. Entry requirements and customs regulations Entry requirements apply to German, Austrian and Swiss citizens. We will be happy to inform other EU citizens after informing them of their nationality or they can obtain information directly from the responsible ministry of their respective country, see Unless otherwise stated, at least one machine-readable passport with 6 months validity at the end of the trip and two free, opposite pages is required necessary. If you belong to another nation outside the EU or if you have special circumstances (e.g. dual citizenship, residence permit, etc.), please inquire at the embassy of your destination country about the entry and transit regulations that apply to you, as we only provide general information can give to entry requirements. The travelers are responsible for compliance with all entry requirements and customs regulations. 4.1 Travel documents To enter Myanmar, German, Austrian and Swiss citizens need a passport that is valid for 6 months after the end of the journey, six blank pages and a visa. 4.2 Visa Please apply for your visa at the Burmese embassy before you start your journey. A tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. The duration of the stay in Myanmar is limited to 4 weeks (28 days) from the time of entry and generally applies to a single entry and exit. 8/22

9 So you are not allowed to apply for your visa too early. Please also note that if a trip is canceled due to a lack of participants, we will not be responsible for any visas that have already been applied for. Since the fee or the application conditions can change at short notice, please inquire about the current status at the embassy. E-Visa German, Austrian and Swiss citizens can apply for a visa for Myanmar online (so-called evisa). Visa application under Applicants must provide their personal data including their address and upload a passport photo. Successful applicants receive a confirmation code (reference number) of the visa, which must be presented on arrival at the airport. It is imperative that you make sure that your information is correct. Small mistakes, rotated numbers, etc. can mean that you will be refused entry at the airport. Make sure that the letter O is not confused with the number 0 in passports only consonants are used. The letter O cannot appear in the passport number. We recommend printing out the verification page of the visa application (heading: Verify Your Information) so that you can present it on arrival if necessary. Please note that you can only enter the international airports of Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw with the e-Visa. Payment of the visa fee (50.00 USD) is made exclusively by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). You will be automatically redirected to the website for payment. It usually takes up to 5 days for the e-Visa application to be approved and for the reference number to be communicated. As a contact address in Myanmar, please include the name and address of the hotel for the first few nights of the trip. You will receive the address with your last-minute documents 1-2 weeks before departure. If you want to apply for your visa in advance, you can specify the following hotels: On arrival in Mandalay: Hotel Ayarwaddy River View Myo Patt Rd, Mandalay, Myanmar Tel .: On arrival in Yangon (dates until the end of 2019) Summit Park View Hotel 350 Ahlone Road, Dagon Township, Yangon Tel .: On arrival in Yangon (appointments from 2020) Novotel Yangon Max 459 Pyay Road Kamayut Tsp, Yangon 9/22

10 Tel .: Application by registered mail for German and Austrian citizens With your booking documents, you will receive 2 visa applications from us (heading: GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNION OF MYANMAR) for submission to the embassy in Berlin, as well as a translated sample. When filling out the visa application, please note that the following information is sufficient for point 11 (Address in Myanmar): Package Tour or Roundtrip. For the issuance you need per person: 1. Original passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond the trip and 6 free pages) 2. Two fully completed visa applications (in English), stating the profession or pensioner 3. Two current, Colored, biometric passport photos with a white background (not older than 6 months): Please stick a photo on each of the forms (no brackets, please!) 4. Visa fee 40.00: Please pay the visa fee in advance by bank transfer (see below for bank details, please enclose a transfer receipt) or in cash. Please note that bank transfers from abroad can take up to 10 days. Refunds are no longer possible after a visa has been issued. 5. A franked (only German postage stamps!) And fully addressed registered mail envelope. For shipments from abroad, you must enclose at least 10.00 for the return postage in cash (checks and bank transfers are not accepted!). International reply coupons and Austrian postage stamps are not accepted by Deutsche Post. (As of 09/2019) Bank details: Deutsche Bank AG, Unter den Linden 13-15, D Berlin Account:, BLZ: ​​Swift Code: DEUTDEBBXXX; IBAN: DE The processing time by the embassy fluctuates significantly within the year and can be between 2 and 6 weeks. Please inquire directly on the embassy homepage (what processing time you have to expect. The easy way to get a visa for travelers from Germany (for the written application) Service providers such as the CIBT Visum Centrale will be happy to take care of the visa for you. All provisions , Prices and conditions can be found directly under The CIBT Visum Centrale also requires an order to be placed. If you would like to submit this via the online order system at, please download the relevant form (Visa order form). Incomplete documents can lead to increased service fees. See also: 10/22

11 Berlin: Brückenstr. 5a Berlin Hamburg: Jarrestr Hamburg Frankfurt: Weißfrauenstrasse Frankfurt Ingolstadt: Griesmühlstr Ingolstadt Düsseldorf: Immermannstr Düsseldorf Stuttgart: Maybachstr Stuttgart Telephone availability: Emergency hotline: The convenient way to obtain a visa for travelers from Austria (for written visa applications) * 11/22

12 VISUM.AT Landstraßer Hauptstraße 71 / Stiege 2 / 4th Floor A Vienna Telephone: (Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) Fax: Web: Emergency hotline: Application by registered mail for Swiss citizens Visa by registered mail together with the documents listed below at the Consulate General of Myanmar in Geneva. With the booking confirmation you will receive the visa application from us. When filling out the visa application, please note that the following information is sufficient for point 11 (Address in Myanmar): Package Tour or Roundtrip. For the issuance you need per person: 1. Original passport (at least 6 months validity beyond the trip and 6 free pages) 2. A fully completed visa application (in English or French) 3. Two color passport photos: Please stick a photo on , the other you write your name on the back (please no brackets!) 4. Flight confirmation (you will receive with the booking confirmation) 5. Invitation letter (you will receive with the booking confirmation) 6. Sufficiently stamped and fully addressed registered mail envelope 7. Visa fee 40.00 CHF: Please pay the video fee in advance by bank transfer (please enclose a transfer receipt) or in cash. (As of 10/2018) The convenient way to get a visa for travelers from Switzerland (for the written visa application) the CIBTvisas * 12/22

13 Geneva: 20 route de Pre-bois, Bloc D 1215 Geneva 15 Telephone: P.O. Box: Geneva 15 Dépôt Bern: Schosshaldenstr Bern Telephone: P.O. Box: Bern Web: Visa on arrival (on arrival) From October 1st, German and Swiss tourists can Apply for a provisional visa upon arrival at the airport until September 30, 2020 as part of a test phase. The fee for the visa is supposed to be 50 USD and entitles you to a stay of up to 30 days with a single entry. An extension is not possible. Since we have not yet had any experience with the visa upon entry, we recommend that you apply for this in Germany in advance. * Please note that we are neither acting as an agent nor as an organizer and therefore cannot accept any liability for the proper exhibition. 4.3 Vaccination regulations When entering Myanmar directly from Europe, no compulsory vaccinations are required. A valid yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers from a yellow fever area. 4.4 Customs regulations Please inform yourself on the website of the Federal Foreign Office before your trip. 5.Food & drink The country's food culture is strongly influenced by the neighboring countries India, Bangladesh, China and Thailand, which makes Myanmar cuisine very diverse. A whole range of Indian and Chinese specialties are offered based on rice. Traditional Myanmar cuisine is much stronger 13/22 compared to Chinese cuisine

14 seasoned. Chilli, pepper, anise, paprika, ginger, curry and lemongrass give Myanmar's cuisine that special touch. The national dishes of the Burmese are mohinga rice noodles in a spicy (fish) broth and ohno khaukswe noodles with coconut and chicken curry. In addition to the noodle dishes and many other curry dishes, the so-called Hin, which are served with chicken or vegetables, another culinary highlight is undoubtedly the Thok. The Thok is a spicy salad made from peanuts, vegetables, onions and lime juice. The rule is: trying is more important than studying and if you have inhibitions, just ask your tour guide first! He will be happy to provide you with lots of good tips. Bottled water is the most refreshing to drink. When buying the bottles, however, make sure that the closure is intact. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at similar prices as we do. With alcohol, you should always remember that excessive consumption is incompatible with heat. 6. Flight information 6.1 Information about your flight You will receive your flight ticket (e-ticket) with the operating airlines as well as the estimated flight times together with your last-minute documents as a PDF about 7 to 10 days before departure. Please note that flight times can change at short notice. It is strongly recommended that you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure so that you have enough time to check in your luggage and go through security. Disclaimer: Timely arrival is the sole responsibility of the traveler. WORLD INSIGHT assumes no liability in the event that the flight is missed as a result of delays by the passenger of any kind that are not within the organizational scope of WORLD INSIGHT. In such cases, all follow-up costs as a result of a missed departure are borne by the passenger. Online check-in and seat reservation For legal reasons, online check-in can only be carried out in person and is usually available from 23 hours (sometimes even earlier) on the airline's website. When booking, you can specify your preferred seat (aisle, middle or window seat). We are happy to request this for you, but we cannot guarantee it. Almost all airlines offer you the opportunity to reserve your seat free of charge as part of the online check-in. Since we usually reserve our flights in the form of a group booking, the conditions for online check-in and seat reservation often differ from the information on the airline's website. You can find more information on our website under flight information. 6.2 Information on your luggage In principle, airlines differentiate between two concepts when it comes to free luggage, namely between the so-called piece concept and the weight concept. 14/22

15 With the piece concept, the number of suitcases counts as well as the weight of the individual piece of luggage. With the weight-concept you can set the maximum weight, e.g. 23 kg, can be divided into several pieces of luggage. In addition, with many airlines, checked baggage may not exceed 158 cm in total (length + width + height). In addition, one piece of hand luggage weighing between 5-8 kg (depending on the airline) may be taken into the cabin with the airlines. Since we mostly reserve group flights for you, this information also applies to group flights that we reserve in economy class. Different regulations apply in Premium Economy and Business Class, which mostly allow free seat reservations and also allow more generous regulations with regard to the free baggage allowance. Note: If there are other information on your flight ticket (e-ticket), in the travel confirmation or in this country information, these are decisive. We recommend that you inquire directly with the airline about the free baggage allowance and the number of pieces of baggage, as changes may occur at short notice. If your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed on your flights, please notify the airline directly and have them issue a confirmation of this. Please note the general safety instructions / regulations of the Federal Police regarding traveling by plane: Travel / 01Mit-dem-Flugzeug / mit-demflugzeug_node.html 7. Money & Currency 7.1 Currency Myanmar's currency is the kyat. Currently, 1 euro = 1,663.13 MMK (as of 08/2019). 7.2 Payment on site (money exchange, giro card, credit card) You should take new, flawless US dollars in large bills and euros with you from home and exchange them for kyats on site. Series prior to 2000 US dollar bills will not be accepted. Attempts are currently being made again to establish the Myanmar kyat as the main means of payment, but visitors may still have to pay for certain services (including train and boat tickets, entrance fees) in US dollars. The import and export of the local currency kyat is not permitted. In the meantime, cash withdrawals with EC and credit cards are also possible (each with a PIN). Traveller's checks cannot be exchanged as things stand. Please see the extract from the Federal Foreign Office below. Change at the hotel or at a bank / exchange office. Unused kyats can only be exchanged if you have a receipt from the issuing office. You can find the latest exchange rates on the Internet at: Please also check with your house bank for the current status of foreign exchange in Myanmar, especially in Myanmar, the situation changes very often at the moment! 15/22

16 Please check whether your giro card or credit card is accepted in the destination country. 8. Vaccinations & health while traveling In principle, the general recommended standard vaccinations according to the Robert Koch Institute (advisable, even if no special vaccinations are required for entry into the respective country. If vaccinations are required for entry, you can find them under entry requirements. In addition to the standard vaccinations, there are further vaccination recommendations and health information depending on the travel destination and time of travel 8.1 Vaccination recommendations The following vaccinations are recommended for a trip to Myanmar: Hepatitis A and B Typhoid Rabies Japanese encephalitis Tetanus Diptheria Whooping cough Polio Mumps Measles Rubella Influenza Pneumococcus In addition to the vaccinations listed Malaria prophylaxis is recommended. Please note: Vaccinations are always a personal decision and the risk must be weighed up. Therefore, consult your family doctor or a trope well in advance of your trip (ideally 2 months before departure) nmedical institute. 8.2 Health information In Myanmar there is a low to medium risk of malaria all year round, especially during the rainy season (April / May-September / October). Only the urban areas of Yangon and Mandalay as well as altitudes above m are considered malaria-free. Malaria is transmitted through bites of the Anopheles mosquito. It prefers to strike in the twilight hours. Protect yourself at this time of day with long, light-colored cotton clothing or mosquito repellants such as Autan etc. This also protects against the transmission of dengue fever, which occurs throughout the year and nationwide and is transmitted by day and night-active infected mosquitoes. Prophylaxis or vaccination against dengue fever is not possible. Chikungunya fever is analogous to dengue a viral disease with fever transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes and primarily z. Sometimes long-lasting joint pain that can occur again and again in Myanmar. Again, there is no vaccination, only avoiding mosquito bites can help. Diarrhea is very common in Myanmar. Most diarrheal diseases can be avoided through appropriate food and drinking water hygiene. The following applies to food: boiling, peeling or disinfecting, only drink water of safe origin, e.g. closed and sealed bottled water, never 16/22

17 tap water. In general, you should note: Avoid unpeeled fruit, salads, raw vegetables or ice cubes in simple restaurants. Also use drinking water to brush your teeth. Wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Isolated cases of cholera occur mainly in the rainy season and can also be avoided through appropriate hygiene. Milk is not pasteurized, so dairy products made from uncooked milk are best avoided. Meat and fish dishes should only be eaten well cooked and served hot. Consumption of pork, raw salads and mayonnaise should be avoided. Medicines for gastrointestinal complaints should still be in your luggage, should you still be caught. Adequate, worldwide health insurance coverage and reliable travel repatriation insurance are strongly recommended. Even if you have taken out travel health insurance abroad, many doctors, hospitals and emergency services require an advance payment first. Since the costs for medical treatment can be far higher than in Germany, we recommend that you bring a credit card with you. Please note: People who are chronically ill and in need of treatment must be aware of the health risks of traveling to Myanmar. Go stress-free on your vacation; avoid getting on a plane straight from work. 8.3 Travel medical advice However, our information is not a substitute for travel medical advice. Before traveling, you should therefore seek expert advice from a doctor, pharmacist or a tropical medicine institute. For current travel medical information and vaccination regulations for your country of travel as well as for the search for qualified advice centers within Germany, we recommend the following links: Center for Travel Medicine (Fit for Travel (You can find an overview of all tropical institutes in Germany here: German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (8.4 Notes Regarding restricted mobility Please note that our trips are generally not suitable for people with restricted mobility, unless otherwise stated on the trip. If you have restricted mobility, please contact us before booking a trip. 9. Clothing & equipment 9.1 Clothing We recommend that you bring the following clothing with you for your trip: Comfortable, sturdy shoes Long and short trousers, long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt, windproof jacket, warmth and trousers (for December-January) Rain protection Swimwear, headgear, scarf 17/22

18 9.2 Luggage recommendations / checklist Since our hotels rarely use porters and there is not always an elevator, less luggage is also in your interest. We ask you, if possible, to store your luggage in large rucksacks or travel bags (soft bags), as these can be better stowed in the vehicles on site. Hard cases are not suitable. In addition to the clothing recommendations mentioned above, the following should also be carried in the luggage: Passport with visa Photocopies of the most important documents (store separately from originals) Electronic flight ticket (travel plan) Backpack, travel bag or suitcase Day backpack Sun protection, sunglasses First aid kit, personal medication, earplugs, insect repellent Flashlight, photo equipment, films or Memory cards, batteries or charger 10. Climate Myanmar is part of the Asian monsoon area and basically has a monsoon climate that is typical of the tropics. The period from November to March / April is relatively cool and dry. Then the dry northeast monsoon prevails and it is very sunny throughout the country. The climatic differences in the country are largely determined by the altitude at which you are. In the interior at over m and in the north it is coolest. In the south and on the coast, however, the temperatures are around C. The months from May to September / October are humid and warm. During the southwest monsoon, a relatively large amount of rain falls in the higher regions in the east and north as well as in the coastal regions. The inland plains are relatively protected and receive comparatively little rain. In general: all seasons have their charms - without a doubt, the dry season is the most agreeable for us Central Europeans. The humid season, on the other hand, has the advantage that you can look over the shoulder of the farmers during the harvest and visit the sights in peace. The rain showers are usually short-lived and alternate with sunshine. 11. Climate-conscious travel with WORLD INSIGHT and atmosfair Every flight also means a certain environmental impact. In cooperation with atmosfair, we offer you the opportunity to financially offset the CO₂ emissions caused so that we don't have to do without flying into the distance. So if you want to do something good to compensate for your flight, you can support our renowned and certified partner atmosfair with your booking. This will finance meaningful environmental projects worldwide. 18/22

19 We also state the CO₂ footprint resulting from the flight from Frankfurt to the destination country and back for each trip, along with the recommended compensation. So you can see directly how high your donation should be, the amount is of course voluntary, because you decide for yourself what contribution you want to make to sustainability. Your compensation amount is invested in various atmosfair climate protection projects in developing countries, which means that CO₂ emissions can be saved elsewhere. In this way, sustainable developments of technologies are promoted worldwide, e.g. Solar thermal heating systems or efficient ovens, wind turbines and small hydropower plants, small biogas systems and power generation from harvest residues as well as environmental education at German schools to strengthen climate awareness. For every booking for which you have voluntarily donated a compensation amount, you will receive a personal certificate directly from atmosfair about 1 month after the end of the trip, as well as a donation receipt to download. Further information can be found on Country-specific information & safety 12.1 Conduct in the travel destination Myanmar is a magical country, but the clocks sometimes run differently. Western standards must not always be applied, be it the quality of the roads or the notion of punctuality. We and our local partners strive for a smooth and punctual travel process. If there should be a delay, we would like to ask for your understanding. In general, no permit is required to be allowed to take photos. Nevertheless, you should be cautious and not photograph anyone without their consent. Military facilities and personnel, dams, airports, bridges, (water) power plants, police stations, border crossings and law enforcement officers may not be photographed! 12.2 On-site security A neck pouch or waist belt is recommended for storing travel documents as well as money and checks. It is advisable to make copies of your travel documents and keep them separately. In any case, it is not advisable to bring expensive pieces of jewelry or similar valuables with you. If necessary, please also note the daily updated safety information on our website (or at the Foreign Office. The contact details of your diplomatic mission in Myanmar, which you can always contact in emergencies, can be found in the section Excursion to the Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) The second most important shrine in Myanmar, the destination of many pilgrims. We advise you to only take the essential luggage with you in a small daypack for the night on the Golden Rock, you can safely store the rest on the bus. Our charter bus can only go up to that Drive to the small town of Kin Pun. Here we change to local trucks, one of the few ways to get to the base station of the Golden Rock. These are open trucks with wooden benches built into their cot Weather, even exposed to rain, pack rain protection and sun protection with a high sun protection factor ck will get you almost to your 19/22 in about minutes

20 accommodation, it is only a 5-10 minute walk. Our hotel is only a 5-10 minute walk from the Golden Rock, so you can visit the hustle and bustle of the faithful at any time. 13. Travel literature Every time you book a group tour, you will receive a travel guide from a selected range from MairDumont. You will receive your personal voucher code about 3 to 4 weeks before departure.With this you can easily and conveniently order your travel guide online at MairDumont Travel Guide The following travel guides from our MairDumont program are available, subject to availability: Myanmar (Burma): Stefan Loose Travel Myanmar: MARCO POLO Myanmar (Burma): Lonely Planet Myanmar, Burma: DuMont travel manual 13.2 Further literature recommendations Nice things to browse through on your trip: Voices of the Heart, Heyne-Verlag (2014) Instructions for Burma Myanmar, Martin Schacht (2013) Myanmar / Burma tells: 25 contemporary short stories (2015) Pilgrimage in Myanmar, Ma Thanegi (2012) Listening to the Heart: Roman, Jan-Philipp Sendker, Heyne Verlag (2012) Nirgendwo noch, btb-verlag (2010) Birma, Klemens Ludwig, Beck Verlag (2009) Der Geist der Madame Chen, Goldmann Verlag (2014) Tage in Burma, Orwell, George, Diogenes Verlag (2003) Der Glaspalast, Amitav Ghosh (2002) 14. Travel insurance WORLD INSIGHT recommends taking out travel cancellation insurance as well a foreign health insurance including reliable repatriation. ERGO Reiseversicherung (ERV) offers both one-time travel insurance (for just one trip) and annual travel insurance (for all of your trips a year). You can conclude this conveniently online, taking into account the closing dates, under voltage. This is 230 volts at 50 Hz. The sockets are mostly in English format - i.e. for plugs with three flat pins. You need an adapter, a so-called world plug, which you can get anywhere in stores or in the duty free shop at the airport. The usual batteries are widely available. Please note that the voltage fluctuates and power outages can occur more frequently. 20/22

21 16. Telephony & Internet 16.1 Telephony The possibilities of communication with other countries are very susceptible to interference. Telephone connections are often broken or overloaded and international long distance calls are very expensive. SIM cards you bring with you do not always work. Local SIM cards can be purchased at Yangon Airport. Please note that you have to check with your mobile operator in advance whether your mobile phone is unlocked for other SIM cards. Experience has shown, however, that for communication at home it is sufficient to use the WiFi connection in the accommodation. In emergencies, the guide is happy to help on site with his mobile phone. Internet Some accommodations on this trip offer WiFi (possibly chargeable). However, due to the partially remote location and difficult power supply, internet use cannot be guaranteed. 17. Tips & extra costs 17.1 Tips With regard to tips, we can only make recommendations. Ultimately, it is up to each guest to decide whether and how much tip they would like to give. At the request of the participants, a tip box can also be set up, which can then be supervised either by a travel guest or your tour guide. Our tour guide is happy to receive a tip at the end of the trip. Depending on the group size, an amount of 1-2 euros per person and travel day is customary in the country. For small groups of up to 8 people, the tour guide is happy to receive a correspondingly higher amount. In restaurants, it is common to tip around 10 percent. The tour guide knows the local customs and can assess the tip according to the customs of the country, but also depending on the services. She will advise you on tips for housekeeping, local guides, porters, waiters etc. and support you with this problem by setting up a tip fund of 25 USD for these workers. For the sake of transparency, the administration of the tip box can be taken over by a travel participant. So you always have an overview of the expenses and any surpluses. The bus driver is of course also happy to receive a tip if you are satisfied with his performance. Your tour guide will be happy to advise you on the customary amount of the extra costs. How much you need for daily life naturally also depends on you personally. A main course on the street costs around $ 2.00. In the restaurant you can get all kinds of meals for 5.00 USD. A cup of coffee costs around USD 0.5, and a half liter of beer costs around USD 1.5, depending on the location. 18. Time difference 21/22

22 There is a time difference between Germany and Myanmar of +5.5 hours during winter time and +4.5 hours during summer time. 22/22