What is a health risk assessment

International chemical assessments

Assessing the health risks of chemicals can be very laborious. In the past, there was often a lack of health risk assessments for chemicals. That is why the international community has set up various programs to assess chemicals and protect consumers and the environment.

Evaluations by manufacturers of chemicals as part of approval and registration processes

As a rule, the health risk assessments must be carried out by the manufacturers of the chemicals if there are legally prescribed approval or registration procedures for the areas of application, as is required, for example, in the field of pesticides, biocides and the new European chemicals law (REACH). The purpose of the European REACH regulation is to present risk assessments for most of the substances brought onto the market in Europe over the next decade, of which only a small number was drawn up in accordance with the earlier European directives on chemical safety.

Assessments by international panels of experts

In many cases, however, assessments are also created by expert committees in order to identify and regulate health risks in special situations (example: occupational safety limit values). Such evaluation processes run in almost all major industrial nations for the protection of health and the environment, for consumer protection and occupational safety.