What is the movie Cloud Atlas about

Cloud Atlas: A Film That Actually Can't Work

"Cloud Atlas" (2012) is an extraordinary film. Probably the most expensive German co-production of all time is a demanding piece based on the complex novel "Der Wolkenatlas" by David Mitchel. Stars like Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant and Halle Berry play different roles in six stories that not only deal with big questions about love, life and fate, but also span a period of 500 years.

Cloud Atlas - The Cloud Atlas
Fantasy • February 19, 2018 • 8:15 pm

The fact that Tom Tykwer ("Das Parfüm", "Babylon Berlin") and the Wachowski siblings ("Matrix") faced this mammoth project as directors is remarkable in itself. That they delivered an overall convincing film is all the more astonishing and can now be admired again at ARTE.

The viewer gets to know a young lawyer in 1849, a goatherd in a post-apocalyptic future and an old publisher who is planning to escape from a retirement home in 2012: the many little stories from almost three hours of film can hardly be retold. In the end, however, they come together to form a whole and, above all, leave the viewer with a feeling: sheer overwhelming.

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