How does Kik Messenger make money

After sale to Medialab: Kik Messenger is being further developed

The smartphone messenger Kik will still live on. The holding company Medialab has bought the messenger. Both companies announced the sale and further development of Kik in a blog post.

Less spam in the future, but with advertising

Medialab includes various apps and services such as Whisper or Datpiff. The company announced that it wanted to develop Kik in the long term. The focus in the next few months will be on making the messenger "faster and less error-prone". However, the company plans to temporarily discontinue some features such as video chat toggle and third-party bots to eliminate unwanted messages and spam bots.

Medialab wants to expand the integration of the crypto currency Kin and work with Kik Interactive for this purpose. In addition, the new owners announced that they want to introduce advertisements in the future to cover the expenses. According to Medialab, however, these should be "not intrusive", and you want to do without screen-filling video overlays or the like.

Temporary end due to cryptocurrency

The messenger Kik is particularly popular with young users in the US and was used by 40 percent of US teenagers, according to MediaLab. Ted Livingston, the founder and CEO of Kik Interactive, announced on September 24, 2019 that they would be discontinuing Messenger. The background was a legal dispute with the US stock exchange regulator and the focus on its own crypto currency Kin. The realignment should result in more than 100 employees losing their jobs. It is not yet known whether the jobs will be retained after the sale of Kik. (hze)

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