Is it already snowing in SF

Onset of winter quite literally: snow surprises couple in California

A violent winter storm with heavy snowfalls continues to rage in the US states of California and Nevada. Even the snow pushes into the warmth!

Melissa and Steven Siig did not expect that. Although a few avalanches had already occurred on Lake Tahoe, they probably would not have thought that the snow would then penetrate into their house. Fortunately, no one was injured in this onset of winter!

Since the beginning of the week, rivers have burst their banks, masses of mud and water have flooded streets, trees are being uprooted - according to a media report, 350 alone in San Francisco. The Autobahn 5 had to be temporarily closed.

Near the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, a landslide brought a house to the edge of a precipice after a concrete slab sank in the ground soaked by heavy rain.

In northern California, several ski resorts were closed, as the newspaper "USA Today" reported online. Near Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border, around 270 centimeters of snow fell within three days.

The local weather service warned of the danger of avalanches in the area around the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Floods are to be expected in 28 districts. Another storm is expected to rise on Thursday. At higher altitudes, up to 300 centimeters of fresh snow is expected.

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