How similar is Amharic to Arabic?

The history of the Amharic language

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In Ethiopia one suspects 70 languages ​​and over 200 dialects, whereby these are mostly spoken by no more than a few thousand people. Amharic, an Ethiosemitic language, also belongs to these languages. It is the second largest language in Ethiopia and is also spoken by many people as a second language. As the most important lingua franca it is spoken in all Ethiopian countries. Unlike the general African language, Swahili, which uses the Latin script, Amharic is something special because it uses its own alphabet. Do you need a translation into or from Amharic? Then you have come to the right place at the Schnellübersetzer translation agency. Contact us today.

Amharic - a complex language with a long tradition

The history of Amharic goes back to the end of the 13th century. At that time it was the language of the ruling ethnic group. Whereby its roots are clearly older. At that time the written language was still classical Ethiopian and this is still the language of the Orthodox liturgy. Since 1991, the areas inhabited by Amhars have formed their own federal state with the mother tongue Amharic. Although Amharic is one of the Semitic languages, like Arabic and Hebrew, it is very different from the two as it is influenced by the other languages ​​spoken in the country. "Fidäl", the Amharic script, also use other languages, namely Tigrinya (a local language in Ethiopia) and the classic Ethiopian, Ge'ez. The oldest written documents, the old Amharic imperial songs, come from the end of the 14th century. The structure of this script is very strange to us Europeans. One of the seven vowels is added to each of the 28 consonants to form a letter. Together with various special characters, this creates 276 different letters and thus a syllabary. Therefore, it is important to look through this system if you want to understand the language.

The right translator for the perfect Amharic translation

As with any other language, you should always use a professional translator for the translation. Because only a native speaker is able to translate the corresponding text with regard to the culture and the linguistic conditions. Our translators also have knowledge in various specialist areas. We can translate almost any text from all possible specialist areas into all languages. Do you need a translation into or from Amharic? Simply send us the text by email or use the offer form. You will then receive a free, non-binding offer from us as soon as possible.

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