What is an effective library system

Library system NOS.5 ready for tomorrow

With constant improvements and adjustments to the needs of the users, the library system NOS has established itself throughout Europe. Started as a pioneer in 1988, the management of books was integrated with version NOS.3, with NOS.4 came NOS.OPAC, the online catalog with communication and information functionality in the intranet. Now the Aachen-based Bauer + Kirch GmbH presents the latest generation NOS 5.1.


With version 5, the NOS developers are integrating important functions to further improve workflow and operation. Main topic of the update: the consideration of the changed media consumption as well as non-classic forms of publication, especially online. While 20 years ago magazines and books were mainly published in print, today there are completely different, digital types of publication.

Accordingly, articles that have been freely published on the Internet - for example in blogs - can be integrated with NOS.5. Documents can now also be saved as PDF. Access to electronic media content can be precisely controlled and specified. Whether rights are granted by person, times and deadlines or IP address, the options are varied and individual. In addition, the access options can be changed as required, and contracts and subscriptions can be extended at any time. By using the integrated e-mail distribution list, everyone involved stays up to date, the information distribution - links or attachments are possible - takes place smoothly.

Up-to-date work in the cloud

Another topic that the Bauer + Kirch team has taken on is the optimization of the workflow. The digitization of familiar work processes should be as intuitive as possible, and users should be able to find their way around straight away. The result is an integrated, dynamic to-do list. What was previously handled with slips of paper, handwritten notes and e-mails can now be done digitally. The digital notepads offer much more:

  • Allocation to teams or individuals
  • Possibility to set a status such as "In progress" or "Done"
  • Possibility to link individual media units
  • Fade in or out manually and in a timed manner

Common processes no longer have to be coordinated step by step via detours. Instead, every process can now be viewed and processed by the people involved, and if necessary also handed over to representatives or paused.


The new OPAC is faster and more convenient

With the current version 5, the online catalog system OPAC is also taking the next significant step. In this way, NOS.OPAC enables direct access to extensive information and research in the database. The detailed search function is helpful here, with which the information or medium you are looking for can be quickly identified. The covers are displayed in the OPAC for better orientation. Stored files, for example the complete article or explanatory documents, can be loaded directly into the OPAC as attachments.

In addition, employees in the OPAC can communicate directly with the library staff, for example by sending inquiries and comments. The staff in turn can answer the messages directly, if necessary with a link to certain media in the database. It is also possible to send messages to individual or all readers. In this way, new available titles can be announced, but also changes to loan conditions or other important information can be communicated as quickly as possible.

Everything under control in your personal My area

Every registered person has their own My area. All subscriptions can be viewed and managed there. In addition, all incoming and outgoing messages are stored. If a title is not available, the interested party can be put on a waiting list for the title. Reservations can be viewed in the My area.

All innovations are available across platforms. This means that the OPAC can be accessed via desktop PCs and mobile devices. Employees can manage their subscriptions, search for titles, send inquiries and more, even when they are on the go.

Individual solution for companies and institutions

As extensive as NOS 5.1 and OPAC are, the customization options are just as individual. Bauer + Kirch offers its customers the option of adapting the appearance of the software to the design guidelines and design specifications of the customer. The integration of the company logo, the setting of individual colors and fonts - the customer has a number of options for the individual look of the user interface.

The NOS library software from the Aachen-based developers is already in use in more than 250 companies and institutions across Europe. Companies and authorities of various sizes use the leading software from Germany. The latest version continues the constant development since 1988 and takes into account many important developments such as digitization and mobile working.