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Stata is a Data science software by StataCorp LLC. The software offers a statistical Surroundings for students and professionals. It enables Management of data and converts them into graphic representations. This is perfect for statistical results reporting, where users present reproducible statistical data on important reports. The software comes with powerful data science tools Supplied with data for more effective analysis. Every tool enables control over raw data and datasets. Users can save their data from a Import or export local or online source. The software works with Standard databases like ODBC and SQL. It has a built-in Spreadsheet for entering basic data. Users can use Text or binary data work. You can use Unicode enter and encrypt. This software enables group-wide statistical collection. It can use billions of lines, as well as binary large objects (BLOB) strings and thousands of variables.


  • Powerful statistical data analysis
  • Professional quality data graphics
  • Built-in spreadsheet


  • May require more processors to handle large statistical data or multiple data sets
  • Decision tree algorithms and other packages are missing
  • Limited scripting skills