What are the benefits of smart thermostats

Smart thermostats: The best solutions for smart heating control

Wolfgang Emmer, Hans-Christian Dirscherl

With smart thermostats you save money and above all gain convenience. We introduce the best smart home thermostats. From AVM, Eve, Tado, Homematic, Eurotronic, Devolo, Netatmo, Bosch, Wiser, Gigaset ...

EnlargeSmart thermostats: The best solutions for smart heating control.
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In the first part of this article, we introduce the best smart thermostats for radiators. In the second section we go into the technology of the smart thermostats and give tips.

We present these smart thermostats in detail

1. Buying advice: the best smart thermostats

Fritz Dect 300/301 from AVM: Without an additional base station

  • Around 47 euros

  • Apart from the Fritzbox, no additional gateway is required

  • Regular firmware updates

  • Good usability

The Berlin communications specialist AVM has been on the market for years with a radiator thermostat that can be programmed in the Fritzbox's web frontend and controlled via an app, radio button and Fritz Fon. The Fritz Dect 301 (previous model: Fritz Dect 300) offers the advantage that the user does not have to buy an additional base station alias gateway, but connects the Fritz Dect 301/300 directly to an existing Fritzbox. The data exchange between Fritzbox and Fritz Dect 301/300 takes place via Dect ULE.

EnlargeOn the left the Fritz Dect 300, on the right its successor, the Fritz Dect 301.

Unlike the Tado solution, the Fritz Dect 301/300 cannot regulate the heating depending on where the residents are. But that also offers advantages in terms of data protection and security. In addition, AVM can always retrofit new functions as part of its Fritz OS updates - as happened, for example, in the 2019/2020 winter season.

In addition, the Fritz Dect 301 has a display that never switches off and is therefore permanently legible. And that can also be read from an oblique angle. The display can also be rotated and the installation of the Fritz Dect 301 is easy, for example. On the other hand, the old Dect 300 proves to be more robust - so there have been no failures in years of use. On the other hand, we already had to replace several Dect 301s because one day they could no longer regulate the valve on two radiators - the radiators then ran at full power.

Review: We have extensively tested the Fritz Dect 301 as well as its predecessor Fritz Dect 300, our detailed test report can be found here: AVM Fritz Dect 301/300 in the test. And we have empirical values ​​on the power consumption of the Fritz Dect 301 and can compare these values ​​with those of the predecessor Fritz Dect 300.

Price comparison: The Fritz Dect 301 is available from around 45 euros.

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Wiser: With geofencing, Alexa and Google Assistant

  • From around 52 euros for a thermostat, around 180 euros for a starter kit

  • Separate gateway required

  • App, Alexa, Google Assistant

The company Eberle Controls from Nuremberg has been on the market with the Wiser radiator thermostat since 2018. The starter kit from Wiser for from 150 euros consists of a heat hub and two radiator thermostats as well as the associated app. As with most competitors, you have to use a gateway as an interface between your wireless router and the heating thermostats. Hub and thermostats communicate via Zigbee. Important: The Zigbee base in Echo Plus is not suitable as a replacement for the Wiser hub. We already know this limitation from Tado.