Is it legal to import a sex doll from China?

Legal Restrictions and Issues Regarding Sex Dolls

Regardless of how you package it, make it pretty, or cut it off as harmless, the inanimate object is that oneSilicone dolls is just a reflection of what men are allowed to do for women, maybe one day it will be a real woman.

Men have no right to sex. Feminists have worked for centuries to free women from the objectification that comes from oppression. It's a steep climb that the obstacles make it even more difficult. Scantily clad women and little girls in bras and sheer stockings are used to “sex” advertisements for almost any product - cars, beer, cigarettes, clothes, shoes, and lingerie. The more objective the woman, the better the ad and the higher the income.

Pornography is freely available to everyone, including children, with a simple search on a phone. It's violent, dehumanizing, and falls on the spectrum of torture. The victims are women and girls. Thanks to the porn culture, the word “consent” has lost all meaning. In pornography, women say "no" while tears run down their faces. Their pain and fear are real. The message men are getting is, "Make it harder, make it longer, and make them suffer more." Children crowd in small groups on school playgrounds during break or lunch and watch degrading porn on the screen of one child who is allowed to bring a phone to school.

While educating young children about consent in schools, they are simultaneously receiving contradicting messages from pornography and learning that women are disposable items.

Porn culture teaches girls that their worth comes from the attention men and boys give them. To get that attention, they need to transform into an object for male pleasure. Boys have learned from pornography that they have the right to use and abuse women and girls. Some boys and men were so convinced of this that when women say "no" they get angry and full of hatred.

Adolescent girls and young women are more objective today than ever before in history. The toys they play with, the clothes they wear, the movies and television programs they watch, and the online and video games they play all present women and girls as disposable sex objects.

Sex dolls Brothels are a symptom of the larger problem of misogyny - men's rights continue to supersede women's. Until women's human rights are respected, women will continue to be single-use items.

After all, what is more disposable than a silicone doll? When used by a man, it will be cleaned up and forwarded to another user. When it breaks, tears, smashes and is no longer useful, it is thrown away with the trash. Sounds like the lives of a lot of real women, doesn't it?

Last week it was announced that a sex doll brothel was opening. While legal issues have prevented Beerdoll from opening at its suggested location, the setback is likely only temporary. Silicone dolls are the latest product to hit the market for men to help them realize their pornographic fantasies. Advertised by Beerdoll: "Each hole has different but unique textures, ridges and narrowness to give you intense sensations that cannot even be achieved by real penetration."

How beautiful is this another dehumanizing step for women who are already viewed as mere vessels to fulfill every man's desires and fantasies. No doubt they will soon be programmed to say "yes sir", make coffee, and sweep the floor.

So that we understand each other. AtLove dolls nothing is harmless. They represent the ultimate devaluation of women. They represent another level of distancing society from its responsibility to cherish, respect and protect women.Sex dolls express the porn culture and the belief in male-dominated society that they must do whatever it takes to ensure that men can have sex when and how they want, no matter the price.

It's not a plastic doll that lies beneath them. It's every woman she turned down. every woman they cannot have; Any woman who was more successful, praised and desired than the man can ever dream of being ... and now this man can do whatever he wants with this woman. Make no mistake, this is not a doll that he makes, or that he might rap, choke or hit - it's all the women he doesn't keep up with