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Idea shop coupons

How to redeem an idea shop voucher in the online shop

  1. First select the category Idea Shop Voucher and take a look at our selection of different vouchers for the creative online shop.

  2. Check the conditions and choose the Idea Shop coupon code that best suits your needs.

  3. Click on the "Show voucher" button and let us show you which shop voucher code idea can really save you money.

  4. With a click on "Copy code" you can save the Idea Shop voucher code.

  5. Now you can shop to your heart's content and add all items to the shopping cart as usual.

  6. After going to the checkout, you can enter the selected Idea Shop voucher code in the field provided and receive the generous discount.

What could be the reason if an Idea Shop voucher code does not work properly?

Once you have decided on an Ideen Shop voucher code, you can usually easily redeem it. But although we test the latest coupons every day with our team of experts, there can sometimes be problems with the promotional codes. Not all vouchers can be redeemed unconditionally.

  • Are you sure you copied the discount code correctly? Even a small twist of the letter in the Idea Shop voucher code can lead to it not being accepted.

  • Sometimes a discount campaign is linked to certain conditions. Some coupons are rewards for your loyalty. Is it perhaps an existing customer voucher? Or have you selected a new customer voucher even though you are already registered in the online shop?

  • Under certain circumstances it can also happen that an Idea Shop voucher is no longer valid. Sometimes the deadlines for the Idea Shop voucher code are set spontaneously, so that, despite careful research, we cannot expect an Idea Shop voucher to become invalid.

Order free of charge at the Idea Shop with an Idea Shop voucher

The regular shipping costs in the Idea Shop are EUR 4.49. The creative online shop offers free shipping for orders over EUR 49. But if you can't get there, you can use an Idea Shop free shipping voucher. This voucher is often offered and allows you to order great handicraft materials, DIY accessories and creative ideas to your home with no obligation.

Is it possible to win free items with an idea shop voucher?

In some campaign periods, the Idea Shop offers free items that you can add to your order free of charge with the corresponding Idea Shop voucher. Just check whether there is currently such an idea shop voucher. If not, you can also save a lot with our other current coupons thanks to rich discounts and big percentages.

What should you do if there is currently no suitable promotional code?

In such a case you have to be patient. We are already looking for new vouchers for the shop and look forward to introducing them to you soon. In the meantime, take a look at other providers at www.bild.de/gutscheine.