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Oh wait i am likely the one who films everything.
I believe, i am likely the only one here in this Parliament who can say that he was in the Sahara for the first time over fifty years ago.
Creo que probablemente soy el único diputado de este Parlamento que puede decir que estuvo por primera vez en el Sáhara hace cincuenta años.
MARIAH CAREY MUSICIAN then i am likely the most humble person i know.
This is high i am likely worse off like them.
I am likely the last one you'll ever want to see again.
Sé que soy la última persona del mundo a la que quieres volver a ver.
I am likely the last one you want to talk to but will you give me a chance to explain everything to you?
Sé que soy el último hombre con el que querrías hablar ahora, pero me pregunto si me darías la oportunidad de explicarme.
I am likely the only person here who has studied Irish Political Science at Queens University in Belfast and has been an active political scientist in Ireland for 17 years.
Trial elements soy el único diputado aquí presente que ha estudiado Política Irlandesa en la Universidad de Queens de Belfast, y que ha ejercido la política activa en la isla de Irlanda durante 17 años.
"I am likely the most European Briton I know and now I have an award to prove it ", so the typically British comment Mathew Shearman, one of this year's winners.
"Trial elements soy el británico más europeo que conozco y ahora tengo un premio que lo demuestra ", bromea Mathew Shearman, que representa este año al proyecto ganador.
Yes, i am likely too trusting.
I've always been jealous and i am likely paranoid.
And i am likely the only person who cares about getting out of there.
It's been a year i am likely a bit rusty.
Watch out, i am likely the hippest guy here.
And as terrifying as that idea may be, i am likely the most stable adult in Abel's life.
Y for more aterradora that this idea pueda ser probablemente sea The adulto more can be found in the vida de Abel.
And I know, i am likely not the best mom ever but i love my kids.
Commissioner, i am likely as long as you have been in politics!
But I can assure you ... i am likely the only individual in the world who proves you are not the real killer.
Pero puedo asegurarle ... que soy el individuo con más probabilidades de demostrar que no es el verdadero asesino.
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