Who was your favorite sports duo?

Best quality & safety

Our products are regularly tested by an independent, certified institute according to the EN 1888 and EN 71 toy standards.

The Sport + Test, which was developed together with TÜV Austria, confirms: Our strollers and buggies ensure more safety during sport.

All materials used are regularly checked for harmful substances, are tested according to EN standards and certified by TÜV.

Consistent environmental protection

Dealing responsibly with nature is essential for us. That is why we are committed to environmental protection and support various organizations in the process.

duo pram, black

Our children are 3 months and 1.5 years. So far we have tried 3 different sibling strollers and none of them really worked. Friends then recommended tfk to us and we bought the new duo straight away. We decided on the air chamber tires because they are puncture-proof - it was the right decision.

Advice is great - strollers are very good!

mono pram, olive

The fabric is the highlight, it glows in the dark when light falls on it in really cool colors. For me, it's great when the walk takes a little longer and twilight begins! The entire workmanship of the stroller is also very high quality. Completely satisfied and therefore a clear recommendation.

At first we were a bit skeptical because of the look, the Velo looks different than normal bike trailers, but now we don't want to miss it anymore. Rides great on the bike and is also great as a stroller!

mono pram, black

The wait for the new mono was definitely worth it. The new tub is great, you can drive it in both directions and with a footboard it becomes so big that it will easily last a few years. Thumbs up for the fast delivery too!

JOGGSTER adventure 2 quiet shade

We live in the country and are also outside a lot with our dog. The jogger goes along with everything, dirt roads, forest paths, even cobblestones in the city are no problem.

Great for sporty use. I like to run and my little one is now always there in Joggster Sport.

Everything perfect! Velo arrived just 2 days after ordering. Parts are all very high quality and the trailer has good handling characteristics on the bike. Another plus point for the drawbar, it is more expensive but worthwhile. You can tell the difference in handling and driving.

My wife and I didn't know what the right spare part is for our car. Very competent telephone customer service and the spare part arrived quickly. Many Thanks!

The velo is really an all-rounder! The workmanship is great and the material is a dream for the little ones. It has great suspension for cyclists - you don't have to watch out for every little hump. What I also think is great is that you can convert the trailer into a double stroller - so top top top for me!

three different tfk strollers

The third has now moved in with us. We use the Twinner Lite as a sibling stroller and enjoy the comfort for pushers and children alike. We enjoy the well thought-out system and the endless possibilities. We use the JOGGSTER twist for hikes and walks in the outdoor area, the Lite Mini for home, the city and smaller hikes.

The JOGGSTER velo accompanies us in everyday life with our two children (3 years & 1 year) almost every day. Whether for shopping, leisurely walks or as a bike trailer, it is an absolute all-round talent. The JOGGSTER velo is a must-have for all sporty parents who like to be outdoors with their children.

The tfk can do anything. No path is insurmountable and as a means of transport it is not only suitable for children.

We loved our tfk to no end, there is no better twin car than the tfk!

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tfk Buggy - innovative strollers and buggies

Thanks to many years of experience and intensive tests as well as constant optimization and new development of our products, we can offer you the perfect buggy or stroller for every situation and every requirement. Both leisurely strollers and active parents are sure to find what they are looking for in the tfk product range. Because our buggies are unbeatable when it comes to easily transporting your baby or child through the city, the park or in the forest over hill and dale.

Buggy, stroller, sports car, pram or sibling stroller?

Which car is the right one for your child and parents depends on a number of factors that should be taken into account when making a purchase decision. The most important criterion is the age of your child. The innovative combination unit (combination of carrycot and seat) - suitable from 0 to 36 months - transforms from a carrycot with a comfort mattress to a comfortable seat for toddlers up to 3 years. Until your baby has learned to hold his head and sit on his own, a car with a carrycot is the vehicle of choice. This offers the baby the necessary, horizontal lying position. In a duoX or MultiX carrycot from tfk, your baby will feel at home in the often unpopular lying position thanks to the padded, continuously adjustable backrest.

Since a buggy does not offer this position, you can only consider one for your child from around the age of six months. Buggies like our DOT 2 and our new dot outdoor buggy are extremely manoeuvrable due to the 360 ​​° rotatable front wheels. Their small size when folded and their low weight make them the ideal travel companion. If these properties play a subordinate role for you, you should think about a seat insert for your stroller or a pushchair. In the latter, your child also sits upright, while the padded belt system and the practical belly bar reliably ensure that it does not fall out - even if your child leans forward curiously.

tfk quality - modern, sustainable, CO2-neutral

tfk relies exclusively on first-class materials in the development and production of its buggies and strollers: high quality, durable. The highest standards also apply to environmental protection: We attach great importance to a responsible approach to nature and therefore compensate for the entire annual CO2 emissions with PrimaKlima when manufacturing prams. All products are guaranteed TÜV-certified, free of harmful substances and made from sustainable materials.

tfk buggy - handy, light and safe

For many parents it is very important that the stroller is flexible and practical to use. That is why, when developing each individual model, we make sure that it is handy, compact, light and yet robust. All of our buggies, strollers, pushchairs and prams can be easily folded up and stowed in the car, for example, in next to no time.

For us, safety is even more important than compact design and handiness: tfk uses high-quality Schwalbe pneumatic tires or Solight Ecco air-chamber tires for all strollers. Strong disc brakes, a handbrake and many other well thought-out details ensure that you and your baby or child are safe on the road. All models go through intensive TÜV tests before their market launch and are checked for any weak points at sporting events - so you can be 100 percent sure that your sporty stroller can easily master bumpy situations.

Multifunctional stroller for the first three years

Combination strollers such as the tfk mono and tfk duo as well as JOGGSTER adventure 2, JOGGSTER trail 2, TWIN adventure 2 and TWIN trail 2 combine the advantages of a stroller with a carrycot and a pushchair without sacrificing comfort and handiness. The tfk mono and tfk duo pram can be used from 0 to 36 months and with the tfk mono sports stroller seat attachment, the service life can be extended by around two years. You can use the pram almost continuously from day one until your children are around five years old.

Sports car for joggers and touring by bike

For nature lovers or joggers, the agile JOGGSTER sport and the comfortable tfk sport are the best choices. The design of the JOGGSTER sport is specially designed for fast running: a rigid front wheel, pneumatic tires and a sporty suspension. The TÜV Austria-certified tfk sport is very agile and comfortable thanks to its rotating front wheel - also ideal for a shopping tour through the city. With the combination unit, the speedster can also be used from the birth of your baby. If you regularly lace up your running shoes, but also like to pedal, our JOGGSTER velo is perfect for you and your baby. With four wheels and the appropriate design, it is a pram and bicycle trailer in one and can even be hung behind e-bikes (pedelecs up to 25 km / h). As a combination stroller, you can easily equip the JOGGSTER velo with a tub or a baby seat for your child so that you can use it for several years on your bike or as a jogger.

Rain protection, sun protection or buggy board: practical accessories

Regardless of whether it is rainy or sunshine - your baby is also perfectly protected here. With waterproof rain protection and high-quality sun protection that blocks up to 98% of all harmful rays from your baby. The multiboard is an extremely popular accessory: siblings can also comfortably ride on the buggy board with seat. Regardless of whether you are on long walks or your child is tired of running - tired children can take a seat here to rest and take a comfortable ride.