Money is always a good gift

Pros & Cons - Personal Gifts or Money?

In my opinion, money gifts are better because you can fulfill your wishes yourself or save on something for which you need more money. It is also easier for the giver to
when you don't know what to give. In the event that you forget to get a present for a party, money can also be used as a “last minute” present. Vouchers are a bit more personal, which is why I prefer the voucher to a banknote and appreciate it as a Christmas present. Vouchers usually come from the heart, because you can add a little text to show that you have thought about what the recipient likes. For example, I like to work with computers and I am always happy to receive a voucher for a media store. The great danger with personal gifts is that you have wished for something and are already looking forward to it - and then you don't get it after all. Or worse, you get
something that you don't like or need at all and then have it lying around. I can really do without that.

I think it's better to get personal gifts because that's more surprising.

I like Surprises! Because when you get money or vouchers, you already know what you are buying and then you have to do it yourself. You also forget who gave you something. Then it can happen that you forget to say thank you or to redeem the voucher. A voucher is usually just a normal piece of paper. I already lost three vouchers. It's different with gifts, they don't fly away, they are something tangible, something beautiful, something that you first have to unpack. The tension increases, whether you get what you wanted or something surprising. I am always very excited, even days before Christmas or
my birthday. A gift always reminds you of the giver whenever you use it. It shows the behavior of the giver. If you are given a voucher or money, it means: Hmm, I don't know what you like and I don't care either.