What bothers people while riding


In cooperation with Thomas Schulz, the owner of the Schulz riding school in Bergen, a concept was developed that supported the provisional headmaster Andreas Grunert in all matters and thus made it possible for 21 schoolgirls to be taught once a week in the riding stable during the winter months.
“I have absolutely no relation to horses” or “I am afraid of these big animals” were the first reactions of the students, but also “then I can take care of the horses in my company with the residents, because I keep observing people having fun with disabilities ”.
Contact with a horse has a positive influence on motor skills, perception and well-being. The special thing about horses, for example, is that their movements can be transferred to the muscles of humans and thus loosened. By stroking, feeding and caring for a horse, children and young people with a handicap in particular can have new experiences, since dealing with the animal is a new source of stimulation that does not rely on established behavioral patterns. Controlling and caring for a large animal increases self-confidence and instills a strong sense of self-worth.
Together with the horse manager Andrea Nonnast, the nursing teacher Jutta Schult conducted the course, which consisted of theoretical and practical parts.
The Kornhaus in Bergen / Dumme and Pfoten & Co in Lüchow sponsored the course with food samples and information material. It was a great experience for everyone involved. In addition to overcoming fears and acquiring basic knowledge of handling horses, there was always space for fun and success on every day of the exercise.

“Congratulations, you all passed”, congratulated the judges Fritz von Blottnitz and Horst-Axel Ahrens at the end of the course. They took the exams and handed over the certificates, which will be a valuable addition to the application portfolio after completing the training to become a curative nurse.