How do you sell Amazon gift cards

Ebay, PayPal and the Amazon vouchers - the money laundering of the common people

Did you get any Amazon coupons for Christmas that you don't use? It doesn't matter. You can sell them well on Ebay. Often even above the actual purchase value, because some retailers use it to wash their sales. And this is how the scam works.

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A certain clientele of retailers is aiming for vouchers. These marketplace participants also buy codes of various price ranges in auction format. The bids for this are often well above the purchase value. Days before the auction ends. Why don't these people buy the vouchers regularly from Amazon or at a counter in brick-and-mortar stores?

In this variant, privately registered dealers, whose activities have long since been commercialized, “wash” their sales. The process: In order not to allow larger amounts to appear on their bank accounts, these people, known as “private businesses” in retail circles, prefer to use PayPal as their payment method. If their PayPal accounts are then well filled through their own sales, attractive vouchers are bought from this budget and also paid for via PayPal. The sales remain in the Ebay-PayPal cosmos without ever appearing on a bank account.

The vouchers acquired in this way are then either used for their own purchases on Amazon, or sold on in classified ads portals or among friends and acquaintances for cash. And in order to achieve this, this clientele also buys at prices above the actual purchase value of the coupons and accepts discounts in the process.

Trade turnover remains invisible to “applicant for inspection”

The process of “selling merchandise, PayPal credit, purchasing vouchers, PayPal payment, using vouchers, or selling for cash” is therefore a money laundering system for little people - who want to avoid their sales becoming transparent to third parties.

The background: "Applicants for inspection", such as the Federal Employment Agency, do not easily access PayPal accounts, so these are initially invisible to inspectors.

Disadvantage for commercial traders, Ebay and Amazon in good harmony

Commercial dealers are the ones to suffer here: This concealment microcosm continues to attract “private” dealers who can also represent uncomfortable competitors without tax and legal obligations from their living room at home, with corresponding price advantages.

The punch line?

Perhaps the one that Ebay achieves good sales through the vouchers of its biggest competitor Amazon.

Occasionally, coupons from other retailers are also traded “over price”, but Amazon codes are the most attractive in the current market.

For consumers who still have unused coupons from the last Christmas presents lying around, this gray area is of course an advantage, since the unwanted discount cards can be resold without a discount or even with a small profit.


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