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Wedding according to Colombian tradition

A traditional Colombian wedding consists of many steps that are carried out with dedication and passion. In Colombian culture, respect for the family is the be-all and end-all. Accordingly, many weddings are arranged by the bride's father, who pays half of the costs.

First of all, the groom has to ask for the hand of his future wife from her father before he “may” marry her. Parental consent is the most important factor in getting married. Usually this is not an obligation, but for the sake of respect this tradition is maintained.

Before the actual wedding comes the engagement party. For this occasion, the families and friends of the future couple come together. Gifts are given to the future couple during the engagement party. All sorts of gifts are given, most often items for the new home. However, the gifts are not the focus of this meeting, the most important thing is the presence of the relatives. With this coming together, both families commit themselves to form a bond for life.

Before the wedding, it is customary for the fiancées to celebrate the last night as “single”. The bride celebrates with her bridesmaids and the fiancé with his best man and closest friends. The most popular destination for this is a flight on the coast of Colombia.

On the day of the wedding, it is important that all roles have been assigned. The best man, the child who brings the rings to the altar (the page), the bridesmaid and the best man must know their duties. But making the couple look beautiful has the highest priority at the wedding.

It is customary for the bride to wear a white dress and to be led to the altar by her father with her beautiful bridal bouquet. There the father hands his daughter over to the fiancé. At the end of the religious ceremony, the couple is showered with a rain of rose petals, the guests congratulate the couple and they drive to the place of reception in an old, beautiful car.

During the wedding celebration, where several hundred guests are usually invited, the bride and groom do not have a quiet minute. Take photos, toast your luck with every single table, eat and dance. A traditional Colombian wedding is definitely a little different!

At 12 o'clock is the "hora loca", translated it means "the crazy hour". At that moment you feel like you're at a carnival. They wear beautiful traditional masks, hats and other jewelry. A band accompanies this section. Dance games are carried out and a lot of "aguardiente" is drunk. This is the most famous local liquor in Colombia "fiery water".

The celebration often does not end before 6-7 o'clock in the morning, the traditional dances and different bands only end when the father says "end".