Is the birth certificate sufficient for the place of residence

Information on the birth of a child abroad

Your child was born abroad.

Neither you, the custodial parent, nor your minor child have ever resided in Germany.

In addition to the issuing of German identification documents, a birth certificate is required to apply for or register for further benefits in Germany. In principle, the child's foreign birth certificate should be sufficient for this.

There is no legal obligation to record the birth in a German birth register.

If the name of the child stated in the foreign birth certificate does not correspond to the parents' wishes or if the parentage of the child is to be clarified beyond doubt for German law, for example in the case of an acknowledgment of paternity for the child or an adoption carried out abroad, the following information is provided maybe helpful for you:

1. First notarization / first registration of births for children of Germans without a domestic place of residence that took place abroad

How do I get a German birth certificate for my child born abroad? additional Information

3. Ordering of documents after certification

If the initial registration or the first notarization of the birth has already been carried out, you can apply for a birth certificate. additional Information

5. Birth contact form

Please order certificates and name certificates using the relevant order form (see point 3). Further information

6. Here you will find further information on the subject of "birth"

For example, on the topics of naming the child, custody, acknowledgment of paternity, etc. More information