What's good about being a Christian?

10 good reasons to be in church

1. Hope instead of fear of the future
In church you will hear the good news of God's love for man and for himself
Creation. In a world where there is a lot of suffering and a lot of evil, that's good!

2. Reflection instead of hectic
Churches are quiet oases in the middle of the often hectic everyday life. In churches you can rest
come and feel God's presence.

3. Hold instead of shorelessness
The church Sundays and holidays with their themes, their songs and their atmosphere
shape the year. The Church is committed to keeping these days alive and commemorating
the need for stopping points in the goings-on of life. At important points in your
personal life, e.g. at baptism, confirmation, marriage, the church reminds you of what
is really important in life: God's blessing.

4. Clarity instead of indifference
You can see true values ​​in the life of Jesus: Peacefulness and courage for the truth,
Charity and awe of life. These are standards that apply to the Church and
should also be important in society and in politics.

5. Refueling instead of dying
You are given blessings in the Church. The principle of performance does not prevail here
and in return, you can rather feel how good it is to just receive and that
To discover life as a gift.

6. Appreciation instead of evaluation
The Christian message emphasizes the dignity and uniqueness of every person. you will be
not judged, but as a responsible person with your gifts and idiosyncrasies,
Strengths and weaknesses taken seriously. You can come to church like you really are

7. Solidarity instead of egoism
God's love is for all people in his creation. People in the church feel
therefore also with the weak and disadvantaged in the immediate vicinity and the
connected to the wide world. Numerous church aid projects make this clear. Together with
You can help other Christians in the church with your prayer and your energy
stand up for others.

8. Togetherness instead of loneliness
In the parish you will find a very special kind of fellowship. It encompasses everything
different people from young to old. Despite all the differences, these people are united
the openness to the message of Jesus Christ. The different interests and
The wide range of circles, groups,
Facilities and events.

9. Forgiveness instead of repression
Christians do not live free from conflict either. The Church recalls that
Jesus encouraged us to stand by our mistakes and forgive one another. confession
and the Lord's Supper can be deliverance experiences. Such experiences help people in
the church to get involved in new beginnings and thus to cope with conflicts.

10. Cultural openness instead of one-sidedness
Church music and art from many centuries are still formative forces of our culture today; in
the Church cultivates this heritage. At the same time, in dealing with the
Always believe in new contemporary works of art and songs. Faith takes place in the Church in
multiple forms of expression. Its cultural heritage also makes the church an educational provider.
In kindergartens, schools, as well as in adult education and academies, the church takes
fulfills an important educational mandate.