What causes the brain freezes

What is brain freeze?

It's hot outside, the body needs to cool down. But if you tip down an ice-cold drink too quickly, you usually grimace: your head hurts all of a sudden. This phenomenon is also called Brain freeze or in English as Brainfreeze designated.

What's behind it?

One possible cause could be the rapid change between cold and warm. Because of the frosty charm of the palate cool the blood vessels in the sinuses and narrow them. If the palate warms up again, e.g. by breathing, the vessels expand again. This rapid change near the delicate nerves of the palate could cause a feeling of freezing in the brain.

More blood for the brain

The researcher Jorge Serrador provided another plausible explanation by means of a study that he published in the US American The FASEB Journal in 2012. To get to the bottom of the brain freeze, he and his team gave 13 test subjects ice-cold water to drink through a straw. The water should be drunk in such a way that it hits the palate in the mouth and cools it down within a very short time. Meanwhile, the researchers checked the speed of the Cerebral blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate of the participants. In doing so, they observed that the blood flow in the front Cerebral artery strong increase. At the same time, the blood pressure also increased.

The researchers hypothesized that the Brainfreeze effect was considered to be Protection mechanism serves to protect the brain from hypothermia. The additional blood warms the organ, but at the same time there is also increased pressure in the fine blood vessels in the head. This pressure is perceived as a sharp pain.

Warm up your head again

By the way, to get rid of the brain freeze it helps, just something warm water to drink. It works just as well to warm the palate, for example by pressing your tongue against it. Another method is to cover your mouth and nose with your hands and breathe in and out a few times through your mouth. This way, more warm air reaches the palate. The best thing, of course, is to just take a little time. If you eat the ice cream or the cold drink slowly, there is no frost in the brain in the first place.