Olive trees can grow in the Philippines


Many tree species grow in Greece. The most common are eucalyptus trees, cypresses, sweet chestnuts, pines and spruces. Pine and fir trees also grow. The north of Greece in particular is heavily forested. There is also great abundance of water, so that the north differs from the much drier south or the numerous islands in terms of plant growth.

One of the most striking plants in Greece is the Aleppo pine. It is a conifer that is related to the pine tree. In the mountains, the chestnuts, which, as the name suggests, are often eaten, are decisive. The Greek children often collect the chestnuts at harvest time.

In Greece you will also be many Fig trees discover, as well as pomegranate trees with their peculiar fruits. You can only get the sweet pomegranate seeds by removing the hard shell. Almond and walnut trees often grow near the mountain villages. And not to be forgotten is that Olive treethat many associate with Greece. This tree is of great importance for the Greek culture, but also for the economy.

The landscapes bloom in spring and often appear dry in the summer months. Especially in northern Greece, anemones, poppies, daisies, marigolds, violets and many other plants spread.