Which strawberries are the sweetest

10 tips for sweet strawberries

3. Fertilizing

Strawberries need food to grow. Those who plant new strawberries work well-rotted compost in the garden bed around two weeks before planting. Alternatively, rotten bark manure or an organic berry fertilizer can be used. With perennial cultivation, compost or bark manure or berry fertilizer is applied immediately after the harvest. This will encourage bud formation for the next year.

4. Pouring

Ensure sufficient water supply from flowering to harvest. When watering, make sure that the fruits stay dry and water in the morning hours.

5. Care in spring

Covering the strawberry plants with fleece promotes growth in spring and protects early flowers from frost.

6. Care in early summer

To protect the fruit from rot and disease, apply a layer of straw under the fruit-bearing plants.

7. Care in autumn

In September the plants can be cut. Brown and rotten leaves are removed. When removing the leaves, be careful not to damage the heart of the plant. If the strawberry plants are not propagated themselves, the runners also come off. They can weaken the plants, so that the harvest in the following years will be less.

8. Harvest strawberries

The harvest time of strawberries differs depending on the variety, it starts in June and ends in September. The strawberry fruits are best harvested in the early morning hours, when the aroma is most intense. Strawberries are sensitive to pressure, so harvest them on the stalk and always with the wreath of leaves.

9. Propagate yourself

Strawberry plants produce several runners during the summer, which can be grown into young strawberry plants with a few simple steps. After the harvest, four to six runners are laid out evenly from healthy and strong mother plants. Depending on the number of runners, around ten centimeters large flower pots are filled with normal potting soil and buried directly under the runners in the garden bed. The runners are now held in the potting soil with a wire clip. If the runners have developed into young strawberry plants, the young plants are separated from the mother plant and later planted in the new garden bed without a pot.

10. Strawberries in containers

Strawberries can also be grown in pots on the terrace or balcony. Everbearing varieties are particularly suitable for this. Flower boxes, pots or hanging vessels are used as planters, which guarantee at least five liters of soil per plant as the pot content. If you use flower boxes, plant the strawberries in good potting soil at a distance of at least 25 centimeters.