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Cruises Charlottetown

Art, nature and a famous girl with red hair: cruises Charlottetown

If you visit Charlottetown on a cruise, you will encounter a city that is dedicated to its history and culture. You can already stroll around in the vicinity of the harbor. Historic houses are lined up in the Peakes Wharf area, including the Bonded Warehouse and the listed Gainsford House, the city's oldest brick house dating from 1833. Victoria Row, Charlottetown's only pedestrianized street, also has shops, cafes and restaurants Stroll a. Here you also come to the Province House, the seat of government of the province, which you can visit. The city's cultural center is the Confederation Center of the Arts, established in 1964. Here you can see, among other things, a replica of the Confederation Chamber from 1864. The center also includes libraries and a gallery with works by Canadian artists. A theater is also part of the building complex, which among other things performs the musical Anne of Green Gables. The play's famous children's novel is set on Prince Edward Island; the author Lucy Maud Montgomery also comes from the province. No wonder vacationers on cruises in Charlottetown can't get past the redheaded Anne. There is also an Anne Of Green Gables Store, where you can take home sweets and Anne fan articles as well as souvenirs from your boat trip.

Other sights strolling through Charlottetown on cruises include an imposing 19th-century Victorian house, the Beaconsfield Historic House, which also hosts concerts, and the city's cathedral. The Cathedral of Saint Dunstan was built in 1913 in the neo-Gothic style and is one of the national monuments of Canada. It has, among other things, splendidly colored glass windows, an ornate vault and a filigree chancel. The Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum, with more than 2,000 exhibits from various armed forces, is a hot tip for those interested in military history.

On the other hand, those who are most interested in the great outdoors of Prince Edward Island should inquire about opportunities to visit the province's national park, which begins not too far from Charlottetown. The 22 square kilometer area, which stretches along the St. Lawrence River, impresses above all with its rich bird life, which is found on the sandy beaches, sandstone cliffs, in the marshland and on small, offshore islands. Another excursion tip is the Port-la-Joye-Fort from the 18th century.

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