How did you find Jesus

How did you find Jesus?

The Trinity / Trinity / Trinity of God is not described in a verse anywhere in the Bible. It is not even addressed in clear terms in several coherent verses.

In the first few centuries there was no clear definition for it:

Wikipedia: Trinity in Christianity

It has only existed since the later Christological definition constructed interpretations across several scattered verses, which, however, can also be interpreted differently.

None of this is a clear message.

Wouldn't it be one of the most important tasks been of Jesus, the new image of God in clear words, to distinguish it from previous beliefs of the Jews to proclaim?

Jesus, on the other hand, preached exactly the opposite:

"But Jesus said to him: What do you call me good? Nobody is good but the one God."[Mark 10.18]

That would have been an opportunity for him to make people understand that he, the Holy Spirit and the Father are a triune God.

But Jesus does exactly the opposite. In this verse he rejects all divinity and refers to the one unite god.

There are numerous other verses in the Bible where Jesus only preaches one God. But not a single verse on the Trinity!

The church fathers recognized this contradiction in the 16th century.

Therefore, when they could no longer hide the Bible from the people (as they have for centuries) they had one Falsification of the bible performed.

The forgery is known under the name "Comma Johanneum".

Wikipedia: Comma Johanneum

This verifiable forgery was removed from almost all versions of the Bible at the beginning of the 20th century (except, for example, butcher).

The following diagram shows the contradiction in the Trinity:

What do you think about the Trinity / Trinity / Trinity?