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Wipro Technologies GmbH (Frankfurt am Main)

Wipro Technologies GmbH from Frankfurt am Main is listed with a ranking index of 45 points in the database of German companies in foreign ownership by Die Deutsche Wirtschaft.

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This entry was updated on March 30th, 2021.

The ranking of the most important German companies in foreign ownership includes the 7,877 German companies, the majority of which are owned by foreign owners. Wipro Technologies GmbH is one of 90 companies whose parent companies are based in India.

Wipro Technologies GmbH is listed at DDW as follows:

  • Company headquarters: Hamburger Allee 2-4, Frankfurt am Main, (Hessen)
  • Founding year: 2002
  • Industry: IT consulting
  • Segment: service provider
  • Number of employees: 77
  • DDW scoring value: 45 points
  • Turnover: see full version of the database
  • Parent company: Wipro (India)
  • Managing director: Mr. Christophe Martinoli
  • to the company's website

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The complete overall ranking with the 7,877 foreign-owned companies is available here in the DDW reader service as a list in Excel format. In addition to address, turnover and employee details, it also contains information on the field of activity, year of foundation, managing director or owner structure.


The DDW ranking "The top German companies in foreign ownership" analyzes and ranks the largest German companies in foreign ownership on a purely editorial, neutral database. The ranking is considered the gold standard for identifying the most important market players and is used by companies, the media and research institutions. Companies that are majority owned by foreign investors and / or companies are recorded (for stock corporations: significant influence of foreign investors)

The ranking is based on the DDW scoring index, which includes 24 criteria for measuring the importance of a company. In addition to turnover and the number of employees, this also includes key figures such as the proportion of R&D, certifications, training opportunities and university collaborations. The patent strength of a company is also taken as a basis through the acquisition of the Patent Assest Index from the Bonn-based provider PatentSight. The Sistrix indicator for measuring online perceptibility is also one of the scoring factors, as is the sustainability index from the analysis company Right Based on Science from Frankfurt.

As with all DDW rankings and databases (here is the overview), the focus of this database project is on supporting professional B2B applications. After all, foreign-based companies are interesting business partners in several respects: They open up "obvious" access to international players and at the same time require specific partnerships and services in order to reach the German market.

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