How do I overcome my problem

How to overcome problems more easily

Optimists cope better with adversity and have more zest for life / Instructions to become a little more positive every day

Believe in yourself! Even Emile Couè (1857 to 1926), a French pharmacist, recognized that medicine and the art of healing are often not enough to get well. That is why he treated diseases with a method he developed: conscious autosuggestion. In doing so, the patient persuaded himself to become healthier every day. His healing successes were remarkable. That is why today we speak of "Couèism". Those who think positively have greater prerequisites for success and overcome problems. Do not let yourself be infected by the whining of others. Working successfully means believing in the future and being convinced that things will continue tomorrow. Only let in as much negative in yourself from outside as you can compensate and process this with positive.

Only a consistently high positive mood guarantees consistently high performance.

Think positively

Smile even if you don't feel like it. By activating the muscle groups involved, an underlying nerve is stimulated, which sends a positive signal to the brain. You will immediately feel lighter and better. A saying goes: "You master life smiling or not at all." If you have a good attitude towards work, towards your team, towards your customers, then your smile comes from within - even better! Don't just look in the mirror, look inside yourself and you will know if you are smiling.

Problems as a drive

Remember the wisdom that every unpleasant matter has a good side. It doesn't just show you mistakes and flaws. Problems drive action! "Where one door slams, another opens," say the Spaniards. See problems that you can change and solve as challenges.

With ambition you mobilize positive energy and achieve greater performance. You alone are responsible for your attitude. No one else! Your customers and employees recognize how you feel and assess the situation in the industry. Always set a good example for your employees. Don't talk about the fact that everything was better in the past. Who is it good for? The positive inner attitude is an essential part of self-motivation. The more motivated your team is, the more productive it is. Of course, don't put on your rose-tinted glasses and belittle everything. That would be the other extreme.

A negative thought never comes alone

Ultimately, a customer only buys from you because you are a little better and your service is an idea better. And he buys from you because you are a little more convincing, an idea more inspiring or a bit more motivated than your competitor. Just that little bit of "being better" is what counts. On nothing else! The time of huge advantages is long gone! That is why you have to give everything in contact with the customer! 80%, yes, 90% are not enough for demanding customers, because otherwise your competitor will have the edge! Customers are no longer satisfied with a 90% solution. And the most important thing for the pharmacist: The difference between a 100% use and a 90% use is not 10%, but the order or the rejection.

Just as in physics only 100 degrees bring the water to a boil, in sales only 100% commitment brings about a conclusion!

A little better every day

Work on yourself for 10 to 15 minutes every day, it's worth the time! Make use of idle times when you have to wait in the car at traffic lights or in a traffic jam or during lunch. Even before going to sleep in the evening, you can still think about it. Say in your mind: "I am ... I can ... I have ..." and not something like: "One should ... I should have ... I would so much like ..." The possibility form allows much open !.

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