Reality and consciousness are separate

Art and Science of Reality Control

Sir Isaac Newton's (1643-1727) view of the world was based on the separation of subject and object. Newton believed that there was an objective reality. He saw the world as a phenomenon independent of human consciousness.

When quantum physics appeared on the horizon of the world view 100 years ago, it shook the Newtonian way of looking at things and initiated a paradigm shift. Quantum physics has shown that there is no such thing as objective reality. Subject (human) and object (matter) are not separate from each other, but one. Man influences the world with his thinking. Human consciousness controls reality.

These landmark discoveries have deciphered and demystified life and the genesis of reality. What ancient wisdom proclaimed centuries ago is now a scientific fact: Reality is a construct of consciousness! That makes us creators of our own reality.

With reality control, you immerse yourself in the space of the limitless, where everything is possible, including so-called miracles! When the consciousness vibrates in harmony with the wishes and goals, the corresponding realities are revealed - even the apparently impossible!

Quantum physics, Buddhism, Christianity
The entire spectrum of life is subject to crystal clear laws. Every reality has its origin in a spiritual impulse that was projected onto the screen "Life". Quantum physics calls this the "observation of a possibility", Buddhism "Reality exists where the mind creates a focus" and Christianity "Belief in something gives rise to it".

The formula
Whether quantum physics, Buddhism or Christianity, they all have a common formula for controlling reality: Information + energy = reality.

Information (thought) and energy (feeling) are the language of the universe. Everything comes from this. The essential art of reality control is to charge the thought with an impulse of conviction. To do this, meditation is a key. In the inner immersion, the brain produces alpha and theta waves. These lead to an increased activity of the limbic system and thus to the ability to feel intense feelings of belief and conviction.

I invite you on this fascinating journey into the realm of your consciousness - to the art and science of reality control!