What does broken glass mean

Real meaning from dreaming about glass or broken glass

Why do you dream of broken glass or shattered glass?

It is not unusual to dream of glass. It is very common to dream about the things that surround us and if you think about it carefully, you will be surrounded by many things made of glass in your home. Surely you cut yourself with a piece of glass when you were a child or a ball that was shot incorrectly broke one of the window panes of your school.

But what does it mean to dream of crystals and what is the subconscious trying to tell me?

It depends a lot on the context of the dream. For example, if you dream of walking on a glass floor that breaks, it shows your insecurity in different facets of your life, whereas if you dream of a brother who turns into glass, it can mean vulnerability and vulnerability to you. Is your brother dependent on you Almost all authors who interpret dreams agree that that Dreaming of glass has to do with personal issues like vulnerability, inner breakdown ... but on the other hand it means that if you are injured or broken you will find the courage necessary to defend yourself (broken glass can cut and cause damage) . Is it your case Read over the following examples Dream with glass in different contexts.

Examples of dreams with glass depending on the context of the dreams.

- Dreaming of broken glass. The broken pieces can show how you feel inside. Have you been deeply affected by the break in a relationship? Did bad news break your heart? Are you going through an emotional crisis right now?

- Dream about a glass breaking into pieces. The breaking of our favorite porcelain or the Bohemian crystal glasses heralds the fear of loss. Economic loss, loss of friendship or family member. If during the dream we are to blame for falling this glass, we can feel guilty for causing this emotional loss.

- Dream of transparent or dirty glass. If you dream of looking at someone through a transparent window, it indicates the purity of your heart. You have an optimal idea of ​​the world, maybe you have a somewhat innocent soul. From dirty Dreaming glass represents those secrets or "dirty laundry" that you keep hidden within yourself. You usually have a gloomy view of the people around you.

- To dream that a glass will cut us or inflict a wound on us. There are certain aspects of yourself that are vulnerable and not yet healed (emotional distress, problems that harm you, doubts, etc.).

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