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SMO terminology and definition

Social Media Optimization, or SMO for short, deals with the optimization or adaptation of a website for the social media of Web 2.0. Often SMO is equated with SMM (Social Media Marketing), both areas differ significantly from each other, although social media optimization is viewed as a strategy of social media marketing. The aim of the SMO is to design the content of a website in such a way that it can be more easily absorbed within social media services. With social media services, we mean not only social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but also blogs and bookmark services.

Pulled out: SMO as a strategy of social media marketing

Social media marketing deals with the marketing-related use of social media. In principle, all instruments of the 4P marketing mix (pricing policy, communication policy, product policy and distribution policy) can be taken into account within the SMM. In certain situations, social media marketing can also be referred to as network or participatory marketing, which is particularly due to the fact that critics, fans, customers and interested parties have the opportunity to express their opinion freely at all times and also have a certain freedom of choice. The aim of SMM is to achieve branding and marketing communication goals online using various media channels. In addition, social media marketing deals with communication with the target group. A company can therefore establish direct contact with the target market. With the help of SMM, advertising, direct sales, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations can be optimally combined. The focus of all efforts is the generation of attention for a company, a brand, a product or a website. Likewise, the visibility of the same should be increased - both for the users and for the search engines. Furthermore, social media marketing aims to create discussions about the advertised product. Another goal of SMM is for satisfied customers, prospects, business partners or readers (in the case of an online magazine) to make recommendations by sharing information - i.e. advertising or public relations work via a third party. Apart from these core goals, social media marketing can also help to build a positive image, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to a website and acquire new customers. Professional social media marketing therefore offers a company a wide range of advantages, but also requires numerous, well-organized strategies and work processes. One of the strategies for successful SMM is SMO, optimizing and adapting the web presence for better inclusion within social media.

SMO: useful tool to improve social media marketing activities

In particular, SMO aims to make its own website more accessible for social services. The most important measure of social media optimization is the integration of share functions, such as the Google +1 button, the Facebook-like button, the tweet button and so on. With the help of these functions, users, readers, customers or other users have the opportunity to recommend content that they like with just one click via the social networks. If the corresponding button is not available, only a few users will decide to share content. The probability that something will be spread quickly is therefore significantly higher due to the respective buttons. Another measure that should by no means be missing in the area of ​​the SMO is the linking of one's own website with various RSS services, which then send out feeds as soon as new information is made available. RSS services are an important element, especially for blogs or news portals, for disseminating information and generating readers. Finally, information should be placed on the optimized website that leads directly to pages within social networks. A company that has its own Facebook or Google+ page, for example, can place appropriate advertising for these pages so that as many followers as possible can be found.

Five golden rules of SMO

Rohit Bhargava could be blamed for inventing the SMO. After all, it was he who declared the “Five Rules of Social Media Optimization” in 2005. Accordingly, inspiring content should be created that is current, sustainable, informative and provided with an attention-grabbing title. In addition, sharing the content in the course of the SMO should be made easier, for example by providing the respective button. Or through relevant tags that help blog posts or websites appear high up in automatically generated lists. Furthermore, it is essential that the respective author of the content first shares it via social services in order to assign appropriate descriptions and tags himself. Another SMO rule says that users should be rewarded. Above all, thanks to the quick response to questions, for example within blog comments. According to the fourth rule, the content itself should be actively shared, especially through your own use of social services. Finally, it is recommended to motivate users to include the content and provide information via RSS feed. When social media optimization is carried out effectively and in an organized manner, there are many opportunities. Above all, it should be emphasized that the open attitude towards social media is viewed as positive and progressive. An image can be built and the trust of customers is gained. Because those who voluntarily present themselves so openly in the media usually have nothing to fear or hide. In addition, the social services also represent an essential ranking factor with regard to search engine optimization. Google, but also other search engines, increasingly include the perception of a website in their positioning. This shows once again how elementary SMO can be for entrepreneurs, bloggers and the like.

Conclusion: on the road to success with professional SMO

In times of Web 2.0, SMO occupies an important position. Entrepreneurs, website operators and bloggers can create more awareness. A positive image can be built up more quickly and the trust of customers, interested parties or readers is gained more quickly. Five golden SMO rules describe in an easy-to-understand way which measures can be used to achieve the best results.

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