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US music awardAdele wins five Grammys

The emotional roller coaster is a cliché, but it pretty much hits how the Grammy night went for the British singer Adele. During her performance of "Fast Love" in honor of George Michael, she broke off in the middle of the song:

"I'm sorry for swearing and I'm sorry for starting again, can we please start again ..."

She was dissatisfied with her singing, "she couldn't do that to him," she said, and put on a second, flawless version. Nevertheless, she stood on stage with tears in her eyes during the applause - last year she was a bit wrong with her vocals when she appeared on the show. But probably no other artist seems as authentic as she does, which is also a reason for her immense success. She awarded the Grammy night a triple and won the three most important categories: “Song of the Year”, “Recording of the Year” and “Album of the Year.” In total, Adele was awarded five Grammys strongest competitor, Beyoncé:

"You are our light. You make me feel and my friends of other skin colors feel more self-confident. You have made sure that they stand up for their rights."

Beyoncé received two Grammys

Beyoncé had gone into the evening with nine nominations for her album "Lemonade." She won only two Grammys, but caused a stir with the performance of her songs "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles". She wore a tight gold dress over hers Baby bump and a kind of halo on the head and sang the roles of women and mothers. Katy Perry, Metallica and Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars also sang during the Grammy Awards. Mars offered its version of the Prince hit "Let's go Crazy".

Five Grammys for David Bowie

David Bowie was also awarded five Grammys posthumously. It won among other things in the categories "Best Rock Song", "Best Alternative Album" and "Best Rock Performance". Bowie had released his album "Blackstar" two days before his death last year, the first musical Grammys of his career: in 1985 he received the award for a video, in 2006 he received an award for his life's work.

Grammys for German artists too

Chance the Rapper made a premiere. He won a total of three prizes, including one for "Best Newcomer". The musician does not have a record deal, his music cannot be bought, it can only be heard via stream. He makes his living through live performances and merchandising items. It was the first time the Recording Academy had nominated a streaming-only artist.

There were Grammys for German artists in the classical area: The Flensburg opera singer Dorothea Röschmann won in the category "Best Classical Solo Album", there were three awards for classical productions that were released by the Naxos label, that of the German Klaus Heymann was founded. Deutsche Grammphon also received the coveted music prize. There was the "Best Orchestra Performance", a Shostakovich performance by the Boston Symphonic Orchestra.

The Grammy music prize has long been criticized by young artists for being out of date. But in 2017, artists whose albums are only available online via streaming could also be nominated for the first time. How is the music world changing due to the new listening habits? The music producer and former State Secretary for Culture of Berlin, Tim Renner, gives assessments and also explains the possibilities politics can give to pop culture.