What is MMID


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Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, was working in research / development at Mmid GmbH in Essen.

Working atmosphere

It was precisely because of the working atmosphere that I changed my job in 2010 and went to MMID - and I was not disappointed.
It's really fun to work again.


MMID wins significantly more new customers than it loses, which is also due to its good reputation (especially in the Netherlands). MMID is still quite unknown in Germany.
But I am very sure that this will change.
I can only recommend anyone who can work independently in a creative team of technicians to apply to MMID.
I really enjoy working here.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours:
Start 8:00 am - 9:30 am
End 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Approx. 45 minutes break together

Everyone can organize their own time - it is important that the (90% realistic) work goals are met.
Going earlier or coming later is absolutely no problem as long as you let them know (justification is not required).
The earlier you plan, the longer your vacation can be.
Family friendliness is definitely given.

Career / further education

Every employee is consciously promoted. An in-house training structure was even created for this purpose. Knowledge of what is not yet available is conveyed very well.

Salary / social benefits

As usual in the industry, the salary is a matter of negotiation, although at MMID it is definitely not the highest in the industry.
But it is very good that the salary is adjusted by at least inflation every December. The further salary increases are based on a point system, which relates to the performance.

Environmental / social awareness

MMID is on the right track in terms of environmental and social issues (green electricity, underground paper, bluemotion vehicles), but it can still improve, especially in terms of social engagement.

Cohesion among colleagues

Very international as the parent company is from the Netherlands.
In my opinion, the cooperation and trust is very good. I have never experienced bullying or anything like that.
Everyone is on their own and a lot is done together outside of working hours.

Dealing with older colleagues

We are a very young team (average approx. 35) where everyone is under 45.
In my experience, however, younger employees are also sought after. Which has mostly to do with the lower salary expectations.

Managerial behavior

Very fair and not arrogant - if the schedule is a bit tight again, everyone lends a hand and accepts suggestions and criticism well.
Only the time estimate could be coordinated a little better here and there - but it is already much better than with other design / development agencies compared a lot b


Communication within the Essen branch is very good (accounts for 90%).
Unfortunately, this is not always optimal when communicating with the main office (approx. 10%) in the Netherlands. Although that has improved significantly in the last year.
Goals and feedback are discussed in an exemplary manner four times a year with each individual employee.
There are also very good and open weekly meetings for the projects.

equal rights

The sexes are equal, although it is very difficult to find women in the technical field.
Returners are encouraged
I'm not sure about religion and skin color, but haven't noticed anything negative yet.

Interesting tasks

As in every development agency, there are projects / project phases that are more or less of interest.
It is good that at MMID you can organize your time yourself and to a certain extent also determine which tasks you are more or less involved in.
The employees are also asked which companies should be approached by the sales team for new projects.