Which is the best diabetes tracker

This is how you recognize a good diabetes app

Recording blood sugar levels, calculating bread units, adjusting the insulin dose and documenting all results: Diabetes is a data-heavy disease that is time-consuming and requires a lot of discipline. Self-management is easier with the help of special apps.

However, the range of diabetes apps on offer is difficult to understand. In terms of quality and safety, the mini-programs that are available for download on the Internet show major differences that are barely noticeable to the layman.

DiaDigital: Apps with a seal of approval

In order to better assess the quality of the apps, professional associations such as the German Diabetes Society and the German Diabetes Aid have launched the DiaDigital seal of approval. The certificate is intended to shed light on the jungle of numerous diabetes apps that are currently on the market.

"Such a certificate is important because the user has to be sure that the information and recommendations of the app are medically correct," says Diana Droßel, deputy chairwoman of the German Diabetes Aid and project manager of DiaDigital. Other important criteria are data security and good usability of the application for those affected and the treating doctor.

In principle, all certified apps go through a technical test, which is carried out by the Bochum Center for Telematics and Telemedicine and which also assesses data protection criteria. This is important to ensure that sensitive information about the patient's state of health is not passed on to third parties. If an app does not meet the criteria, the manufacturer receives a response and is given the opportunity to make improvements.

What diabetes apps can do

Behind the applications are small computer programs that help those affected in a variety of ways to manage their diabetes therapy. The apps are available for both Android and iOS. The digital helpers provide a wealth of information about the sugar levels. They are clearly presented and available on the move. All of this also allows better control of the metabolism.

The functions of the diabetes apps range from blood sugar and nutrition diaries to fitness trackers and medication reminders to complex computers for individual insulin dosing. With some applications, the blood sugar values ​​can even be transferred directly from the measuring device to the app on the smartphone via USB or Bluetooth.

The patient can use curves and diagrams on the display to understand their individual sugar levels and react more quickly to unfavorable developments. In addition, data such as the amount of insulin and carbohydrates can be entered in the smartphone diary. Another advantage: the patient can also make the evaluation available to his doctor for a therapy adjustment.

Which app suits whom?

But how do those affected find a diabetes app that suits them? "It's not that easy at all," says Droßel. There is no diabetes app that is suitable for everyone. On the one hand, the demands on the mini-programs are very different. On the other hand, type 2 diabetics are not all insulin-dependent and therefore, unlike type 1 diabetics, do not require any dosage recommendations for the administration of insulin or synchronization options for continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM).

"Many type 2 diabetics use the apps primarily as a motivational aid in everyday life," says Droßel. Criteria such as diet and physical activity played an important role here, as did weight control. For them, for example, Jommi's diabetes diary with its motivational modules and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle is a good alternative. "For type 1 diabetics, on the other hand, the diabetes management SiDiary (Android, iOS) is a great app," says Droßel. The application with its simple design can be used intuitively and the content is very extensive. The application is compatible with many blood glucose meters and CGMs and can even be synchronized with other programs on the PC.

In order to find the right app, Droßel recommends simply trying out the applications certified by DiaDigital. In this way one can find out which one suits the individual needs the most. The expert emphasizes, however, that a diabetes app is not a substitute for therapy: "An app can help improve quality of life and improve self-organization, but it cannot replace a visit to the doctor."

Diabetes apps on prescription

In 2019, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) launched the "Law for Better Care through Digitization and Innovation" (Digital Supply Act (DVG)). Among other things, it states that doctors will be able to prescribe apps in the future for drugs and medical devices is planned so that the first diabetes apps can be prescribed as early as the middle of the year.

Eight certified diabetes apps

So far, eight diabetes apps have carried the DiaDigital seal. (As of January 2020). Awards were given to four diary apps, two apps for therapy support, a simple bread unit calculator and a nutrition guide with a nutritional table:

1. Bread units / MU calculator PRO

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
Bread units calculator
  • Online and offline function
  • easy creation of menus
  • Ingredient lists (fresh and finished products)
  • suitable for therapy support
Version 1.1.


2. my diabetes

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
  • Collection of therapy-relevant data (blood sugar levels, Isulkin dose, meals, activities, etc.)
  • Converting the data into statistics that can be emailed to the doctor.
  • useful information (list of diabetes clinics etc.)
  • Motivation modules
Kirchheim & Co
(Version: 1.15)


3. MyTherapy

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
Therapy support
  • ease of use
  • Reminder functions for taking medication
  • Diary module for recording symptoms and measured values ​​(blood pressure, weight and blood sugar values)
  • Planning activities
  • Creation of a health report

smartpatient GmbH
Version: iOS 3.6; Android 3.11


4. SiDiary Diabetes Management

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
  • Documentation of blood sugar levels and therapy planning
  • Integration of data from blood pressure and blood sugar measuring devices, body scales and fitness trackers.
  • graphical progress statistics and trend analyzes
  • easy synchronization of the data on the PC

Sinovo GmbH & Co. KG
(Version: IOS: 1.0.24; Android: 1.0.38)


5. Omnitest

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
  • Transfer of the blood glucose values ​​from the test device to the app
  • Storage of blood sugar levels, medication taken, meals and activities
  • Recording of weight, blood pressure and sports activities
  • Data can be forwarded as PDF.

B. Braun Melsungen AG
Version: 2.0.3


6. Lumind

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
Therapy support
  • pulsing signals as a reminder of blood sugar measurements
  • informative diabetes tips
  • Adoption of values ​​from compatible blood glucose meters
  • Voice announcement for visually impaired and blind users

lumind solutions GmbH
Version: 0.62


7. Nutricheck

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload

Nutritional advisor

  • Nutritional table
  • Food check (protein, fat, fiber, salt, etc.)
  • Filter function (e.g. high protein content, low salt content, etc.)
  • Creation of a personal calorie profile
  • well suited as a reference work on nutritional issues
Version 1.0


8. Diabetes diary

categoryFunctions / propertiesprovidersDownload
  • Recording of bread units with a food list
  • Motivation modules (exercise / nutrition)
  • suitable for improving basic therapy (nutrition, weight, exercise)
  • not yet intended for documentation
Version 1.5.1


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