What is work experience for IWE certification

Get professional experience certified

Whether in logistics, industry or gastronomy: Unskilled or lateral entrants are increasingly working in companies. You have work experience, but you cannot prove it with documents. According to studies, this situation applies to a good 21 million people of working age in Germany. In view of the shortage of skilled workers and demographic developments, however, it is becoming more and more important to recognize potential in the workforce and to promote it in a targeted manner.

On the recommendation of the Council of the European Union, a procedure was therefore developed to determine and certify practical professional competencies. The Federal Ministry of Education is funding the associated “ValiKom Transfer” project. It is used to determine and certify practical professional competences that have been acquired outside of the vocational training system. With the validation process, companies can express their appreciation for their employees. At the same time, it is a proof of achievement for the unskilled with which they can increase their chances of finding a qualified job. The validation procedure is aimed at people aged 25 and over who have not completed any training or who are career changers and who have several years of professional experience. Germans, migrants and refugees with or without work are equally addressed here, provided they meet these requirements and speak German.

For the IHK Südlicher Oberrhein the new employee Patrick Bareiter (39) has been taking care of the Valikom Transfer project since the beginning of May. Before that, Bareiter set up and supervised the welcome guide project at the Lübeck Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He is a trained industrial mechanic and studied Islamic studies. As a project employee, it is his job to accompany those seeking advice from the beginning to the end of the four-stage process. “First of all, there is an information meeting about all the necessary steps. Then help is available to fill out the documents. The relevant reference occupation is then selected and, after the assessment, advice is given on professional development opportunities, ”explains Bareiter. At the end there is a certificate of partial or full equivalence to the reference occupation.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce starts Valikom Transfer with the two professions of warehouse logistics specialist and metal technology specialist and wants to expand the range to include up to ten professions. However, people and companies who would like to have other professions certified can also register. In these cases, after the information and advice, you will be referred to other competent chambers. “The nice thing about this project is that the evaluation focuses on the validation of practical work skills by solving practical tasks from everyday working life. This also addresses people who, for example, do not dare to take an external exam, ”says Patrick Bareiter. Valikom Transfer thus complements the chambers' offer of dual vocational training, partial qualifications and recognition procedures for foreign professional qualifications.

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