Well worth this HP desktop

Used hardware is worth it!

Hardware cost reduction is "in"

According to current industry surveys, all old IT systems in German companies are replaced with new devices on average every four years. The associated investments in PCs, servers and notebooks, but also in the complex software support, have become one of the most important cost factors for companies. Potential savings are therefore in greater demand than ever.

The clever alternative: used hardware from professionals

More and more clever and environmentally conscious computer buyers - both from the commercial and the private sector - know how to use this fact for themselves. Nevertheless, it is a long way from the former owner of the device to the new owner. What exactly does this path look like and what hurdles does a device have to overcome in order to receive the ESM-Refurbished seal?

Why is it smart to buy used hardware?

Used hardware protects the environment

The production of new hardware consumes huge amounts of raw materials and energy. Computer manufacturers annually consume gold and silver worth around 17 billion euros. In addition, there are huge amounts of copper, tin, lithium and other raw materials. The production of a single PC alone today costs around 3,000 kilowatt hours of energy. That is significantly more than a two-person household consumes in a whole year.

However, it is not only the manufacture of new devices that is problematic, but also the recycling of old computers, notebooks and monitors: Around 50 to 80 percent of global IT scrap is shipped to the developing countries of Africa and Asia. No longer usable parts and old devices that contain hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium or mercury are dumped on wild garbage dumps and thus pollute the environment for decades.

Used hardware is up to 90% cheaper than new goods

The drop in value of Windows and Linux PCs is enormous. As a rule of thumb, these computers lose around half their current value every year. A computer that was once bought for 1,000 euros is therefore only worth 125 euros four years later. That corresponds to a drop in prices of at least 87.5 percent. We pass this advantage on to our customers. A PC or notebook that once cost more than 6,000 euros as a new device is available in our online shop from around 600 euros.

Used business hardware is durable and robust

ESM-Computer only sells former business hardware. The computers, notebooks, monitors, tablets and smartphones come from former company holdings and are characterized by high-quality materials and durability. However, should something be defective, it can be repaired inexpensively and easily in the majority of cases. Total losses in business hardware are extremely rare.

The average hardware requirement is manageable

The motives for buying new PCs and laptops are often due to the aggressive advertising and pricing policies of the retail trade. Most of the computers in the brochures of electronic discount stores are completely oversized for average users. In theory, anyone who doesn't do much more with their computer than word processing, spreadsheets, surfing the Internet, writing e-mails or watching videos could also use a ten-year-old PC with 800 MHz clock frequency for these standard tasks. Even our entry-level models far exceed these hardware requirements and are therefore well equipped for the future.

What happens in detail during reprocessing?

Step 1: the delivery

Hundreds of used PCs and notebooks arrive at ESM Computer's warehouse every week. Several Euro pallets packed with high-quality business hardware are in our warehouse after each delivery by a forwarding agent and wait for further processing.

Step 2: viewing and cataloging

First, the goods are carefully unpacked, inventoried and stowed in the high shelves of our warehouse until the order is placed. If it is a question of computers that have to be added to the range, the computers are manually cataloged with all technical features in the system and photographed in detail for our online shop. All processes are strictly standardized at ESM Computer. From careful handling in incoming goods to the right parcel service - no work step is left to chance.

Step 3: visual inspection

Before a used computer leaves our house, it is extensively tested. A visual inspection for external damage and defects is always carried out first. This has to be done very carefully, because even the smallest paint defects can turn a top quality computer into a second-hand computer that would not meet the high expectations of many customers. In order to avoid this, our employees take sufficient time for this work step. Every detail from the keyboard to the display hinges to the docking interface on the underside is carefully checked. Should there be any ambiguities with a computer, our employees will consult the team about the division into A and B goods. Any return due to optical defects would ultimately be a disappointment.

Step 4: technical review

In a further step, the storage units - i.e. hard disk and RAM - are examined for possible errors. In this step, defective components are carefully removed and repaired or replaced. If all tests are positive, the operating system is installed and finally the remaining battery capacity is tested in notebooks and other mobile devices. At least one hour remaining running time is guaranteed for each of our A-Ware devices.

Step 5: final cleaning and packaging

Only then does the computer go to the final cleaning, where it is polished inside and out with special cleaning agents and compressed air, packaged and finally delivered to the customer in a sturdy cardboard box.

Of course, many customers who come to our shop on the edge of the Salgen-Pfaffenhausen industrial area want to take their new, used computers with them. But that would simply not be possible without compliance with our strict quality standards. Every single device that leaves our house is individually prepared and refurbished. This will need time. Customers who buy from us on site can therefore always pick up their used notebook or desktop PC the next day. Online buyers and fax buyers will receive the goods within one to three working days after ordering or payment instruction via DHL.

Used computers - a job and a calling at the same time

If you ask the team why everyone enjoys working at ESM Computer, you often get embarrassed and a cautious silence. Many people find it a little uncomfortable to admit that they have turned their hobby into a profession. However, if you get to know our employees better and listen more closely, loving anecdotes of old 486 PCs, pixelated computer games and hard drives with the storage volume of half a CD are told everywhere. Computers are our passion, used computers are our core competence. You can feel this in the team spirit and experience it in the quality of our hardware.