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Translation of "look so like" in English

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You look like he sounds like.
Yes, you look like I like to show my granddaughter to our guests.
Man you look like i feel
Look like in the old video game, "Asteroids".

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You look so happy from how i feel
You look so cute from how you put in that little ballet dance
You look so dreadful from how you sound
You see exactly like that I imagined it.
You see at the same time like that the performer at my wedding and like my ex-wife.
You look like both the impersonator at my wedding and my ex-wife.
Then see you like that someone from the field they want as vice boss.
But you look like he, especially with this ugly hat.
You look like him, though, especially with that dog-ugly hat.
You see exactly like that I imagined you in a threesome.
Well, you look exactly the way I imagined you'd look in a three-way.
You see though look like Corabeth, but that's about it.
I find, you see beautiful off, like you are.
You see wonderful off, like you are now Wow.
You see maybe look like I, but you're not that fast
You may look like me ... but you're not as fast.
"When you sleep alone see you never so misery from how a dead one."
"When you sleep alone, you never look miserable Like dead body. "
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