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880001 The former assumption that Mars was a completely dry planet is therefore wrong.880002 The former doctor had massive head injuries.880003 The former foreign minister had said at the time that, under the pretext of protecting Russians, he was relying on Hitler's familiar tactics from the 1930s.880004 Former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted her disapproval: "Sorry to see this new law in Indiana these days in America."880005 The former foreign minister accused Trump of "self-importance" and "sectarianism".880006 The former Axa subsidiary participates with "around 40 percent", announced the two partners.880007 The former Bayer plastics subsidiary celebrated its stock market debut on October 6th.880008 The former Bayer plastics subsidiary makes significantly more profit.880009 The former Baywatch mermaid, who has been married to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon in the past, thinks guys who show good stove skills are at least as good in the bedroom.880010 The former Baywatch mermaid is said to be there when the beer is being tapped.880011 The former Belgian colony of Burundi has been independent since 1962.880012 The former boxing world champion Holm put a serious damper on the career of the 28-year-old Rousey.880013 The former British colony of Singapore had separated from the Malaysia Federation in 1965 and declared an independent state.880014 The former Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries already sees a wave of lawsuits coming.880015 The former member of the Bundesrat and Landtag for the SPÖ has been working for as long as Leitner at the main train station.880016 The former Federal Constitutional Court judge is to be the first woman ever to move into the board of directors of the scandal-ridden Volkswagen group and take over the newly created compliance department (integrity and law).880017 According to an analysis, the former Burberry boss was the best-paid female manager in America - even before Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.880018 The former CDU MEP Braun-Moser, who sits as an assessor on the federal executive board, now also leads the district association.880019 The former head of the Swiss Stock Exchange succeeds the Bern business lawyer Jürg Rieben, who had to resign due to the limitation of the term of office.880020 The former German champion, who lived for some time in Hohenpeißenberg and worked in Schwaiganger, took second place in the one-star CIC with the eight-year-old gelding “Grand Prix iWest”.880021 The former Germany boss of the US temporary employment company Manpower Group founded the company together with partners and is constantly hiring top-class engineers.880022 The former director of the Frankfurt Weltkulturen Museum, Clementine Deliss, has filed a lawsuit against her dismissal without notice.880023 The former eBay subsidiary Skype currently has 560 million registered users. 124 million people worldwide use the service at least once a month.880024 The former, single-track railway line was built around 1900 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire between Trieste and Porec.880025 Former European champion Linda Stahl (59.88 / Leverkusen) did not get past tenth place.880026 The former F1 track Circuit de Charade in central France was previously named after him.880027 Former TV boss Ingrid Deltenre launched a campaign years ago with the motto “Mini Schwiiz, mis Färnseh”.880028 The former "TV Garden" presenter Ramona Leiß has given her friend Sabine Ammon the yes-word.880029 The former "Firefly" actress recently got engaged to her partner Charlie Ritchie, a little later the pregnancy announcement followed via Instagram.880030 The former First Lady Bettina Wulff Berlin / Hamburg.880031 The former first lady Sandra Torres came to around 27 percent.880032 Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton draws on allies and funders from the highest political and economic circles.880033 The former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to have the sky over the northern Israeli Carmel Mountains to herself for her wedding to the Israeli businessman Adi Esra.880034 The former lover receives a severance payment of 21 million euros and two apartments in London.880035 The former Google manager has announced her first big deal at the helm of Yahoo: The Internet company is taking over the Tumblr blog - for $ 1.1 billion.880036 The former Groela children's fashion factory (later MAN Roland and FMC Computer) has been empty for a long time.880037 The former Green leader Claudia Roth is also there.880038 The former good-mood musician of the group "Jacob Sisters" succumbed to the consequences of a stroke.880039 The former Harvard law professor has made a name for herself as an advocate for the middle class.880040 Former Hewlett Packard boss Fiorina scores on this evening when she debates for the first time in the group of leading Republican candidates.880041 The former high school outsider and loser stays that way at the new school, she is still not invited to parties, the lectures are superficial, the fellow students too.880042 The former Hypo should be 80 percent dismantled by 2018.880043 Former Ikea manager Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt took over the position of chief in December 2013 and announced numerous changes in the business concept, including a stronger orientation of the houses to local conditions.880044 The former real estate subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, Aurelis, is planning to go public, according to insiders.880045 The former jet number one Michael Vick now wears black and yellow for the Pittsburgh Steelers.880046 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia let around 5000 Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans through on Friday.880047 The former Justice Minister had recently caused outrage with statements that played down the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.880048 The former Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kaserne on Paris-Lodron-Strasse is now the home of the Mozarteum's drama students.880049 The former Catholic Church of St. Katharina in the center of Buschhoven originally housed the Rose Madonna, which is the destination of one of the oldest Marian pilgrimages in the Rhineland.880050 The former core castle is now used as a hotel.880051 The former kindergarten teacher suddenly became managing director in 1999.880052 The former church bank Schelhammer & Schattera, which was bought by Grawe (Grazer Wechselseiten) and is considered the big joker in poker for casinos, will not buy in Medial.880053 The former Croatian ambassador in Washington was appointed Deputy Secretary General of NATO in 2011.880054 The former Croatian ambassador to Washington was appointed Deputy Secretary General of NATO in 2011.880055 The former Landesbank WestLB was smashed after several crises and billions in losses under pressure from the European competition watchdog.880056 The former state politician coordinates the work of the many volunteers in the Salzburg emergency quarters.880057 The former, nationally popular TV presenter interviews celebrities for Yahoo!880058 The former district administrator and district administrator likes to move around in the tumult of languages ​​and cultures, even if that means a week's long-distance relationship with the family.880059 The former cross-country skier developed skills in top-class sport that have proven to be extremely valuable for her vocation.880060 The former teacher Rita Gerharz-Kaun has already worked in art therapy and sees great potential there.880061 Former head of Ubisoft Toronto, Jade Raymond, becomes head of Motive, a newly founded studio from EA.880062 The former “Lift” editor visibly made the mayors happy.880063 The former Minister for Vocational Education and Training, Nadine Morano, said on a television program last weekend that she was "not in the mood" for France to become Muslim because it was "after all a Judeo-Christian country of white race".880064 The alumni who had worked on have at least learned from the project.880065 The former owners BayernLB, Grawe and Land Kärnten had to cede their shares for one euro each.880066 The former developers of the Battlefield 2 modification Project Reality received the required sum of 184,000 Canadian dollars.880067 The former favorites of the previous versions have been replaced by a quick access area.880068 The former finance ministers would "of course" testify in the U-Committee, whereby Tamandl also assumes that Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann will also be invited as head of government.880069 The former hostages came from the village of Bumsiri in the northeastern state of Damboa.880070 The former business friends are meanwhile crazy enemies.880071 The former prisoners work in the Neustart workshop for "Ruffboards".880072 For example, the former top-class drivers Lucas di Grassi and Max Chilton, who meanwhile also know the roof over their heads from the World Endurance Championship (WEC).880073 The former Munich teammates, on the other hand, are completing their winter preparation in Qatar for the fifth time in a row.880074 The former national player Nia Künzer drew the matches in the DFB Cup quarter-finals on Sunday in the ARD “Sportschau”.880075 The former Nazis united with the Western Allies that both sides wanted to prevent a Communist takeover in Austria at all costs.880076 The former NFL footballers Staubach, Aikman and Smith each won the Super Bowl several times with the Dallas Cowboys, the former ice hockey hero Modano won the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in the NHL.880077 The former No Angels singer is a passionate runner and has inspired many women for the running series in the last year and carried them away with her lively manner.880078 The political scientist sees the former Eastern Bloc states in a "transition process (...) whose declared goal is the consolidation of democratic and market-based systems."880079 The former Pegida organizers around Kathrin Oertel want to position themselves "to the right of the CDU" in the future.880080 The former politicians of the Caucasus state now occupy key positions in Ukraine, they are the stars of the new government.880081 Former President George H.W. (v.880082 The former "Scrubs" cast members aren't the only guests in the live musical episode, however.880083 The former Soviet states are heavily dependent on energy supplies from Russia.880084 The former tour winners Andreas Kofler (2010) and Thomas Diethart (2015)?880085 The former number 1 in the golf world and the record World Cup winner made their relationship public a good two years ago.880086 The former number 1, Wozniacki, also meets with Asarenka a former number 1 in the world rankings and a two-time Australian Open winner.880087 The former number 7 in the world is enjoying her new freedoms and recently even picked up the bat again - at the World Tour Finals in Singapore in the legendary doubles.880088 The former number eight Jürgen Melzer fell out of the top 100 for the first time since January. The ranking is still led by the Serbian Novak Djokovic ahead of the Swiss Roger Federer, whom he clearly defeated in the Rome final on Sunday.