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Dragonball Z

Season 7, episodes 25-48

  • 149. So close to the goal

    The fight between Piccolo and C17 is still going on. Cell has guessed the whereabouts of the cyborgs through the fight and is on his way there. Bulma has meanwhile got the blueprint for C17 from Dr. Gero and analyzed and its weak points. Using a self-made remote control, she can deactivate and destroy the cyborgs. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 150. Piccolo's end

    Cell bursts into the middle of the fight between Piccolo and C17. He wants to absorb C17 and C18. Piccolo knows that this would make him a perfect warrior and does everything he can to prevent that. But Cell easily withstands Piccolo's attacks. Piccolo is now easy prey for Cell, who injures him and throws him into the sea. The only ones who could stand in Cell's way now are Vegeta and Trunks. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 151. C16 intervenes

    Piccolo is defeated and there doesn't seem to be anyone left to oppose Cell. But C17 is already on the ground itself and is no longer able to defend itself. Just then, C16 enters the battlefield and faces him. He can actually make up ground, he even manages to rip off Cell's tail. But this triumph is short-lived ... (Text: Tele 5)

  • 152. C17 doesn't want to hear

    C16 can initially keep pace with the fight against Cell. But C17 and C18 misjudge the situation and believe he will actually win. But Cell absorbs C 7 and becomes even stronger. Now he is far superior to C16 and incapacitates him. Shortly before Cell can also absorb C18, Tenshinhan intervenes with his Neo-Kiku cannon and buys some time. But the neo-kiku pot can be fatal for him too. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 153. Escape barely

    Tenshinhan's Neo-Kiku cannon stopped Cell and Cyborgs C16 and C18 escaped. However, Tenshinhan is now completely at an end. Cell wants to give him the coup de grace. But at the last moment, Son-Goku appears with the help of the current teleportation and saves Tenshinhan and Piccolo, who is still alive. You return to God's palace. There Vegeta and Trunks have just finished their training in the space of mind and time and are getting ready to face Cell. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 154. Vegeta and Trunks approaching

    Vegeta and Trunks have left the space of spirit and time. You set out to face Cell and the cyborgs. However, Cell has not yet found the two remaining cyborgs C16 and C18, they are hiding from him. He begins to blow up the islands in the area one after the other to force C16 and C18 out of their hiding place so that he can absorb them. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 155. Cell is in trouble

    Vegeta arrives at the scene of Cell's hunt for 18 just before he actually finds her. And since he wants to prove that he is the greatest fighter of them all, he immediately picks up on Cell. Goku and Gohan are now beginning their training in the space of spirit and time. Goku wants his son to become a Super Saiyan too. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 156. Super Vegeta

    While Goku tries in the space of spirit and time to turn Gohan into a Super Saiyan, Vegeta attacks Cell. He's actually gaining the upper hand thanks to his recent training session. His son Trunks stands by as a spectator and is also sure that Vegeta has almost won. Only the arrogance that Vegeta has developed through his new powers could now be his undoing. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 157. Dangerous arrogance

    Goku and Gohan continue to train diligently in the space of spirit and time, while Vegeta Cell is heating up properly. He actually seems to have gained so much strength through his stay in the space of spirit and time that he could easily defeat Cell. But he does not want. He believes it is easy to dump Cell under his dignity and begins to play with him. Cell's last resort is now 18, which is hiding very close and which would allow him to finally reach his final stage of perfection. If he can find it and absorb it (Text: Tele 5)

  • 158. Kuririn's decision

    The fight against Cell seems too easy for Vegeta. When he learns from Cell that he still has to absorb 18C in order to achieve his consummation, he allows him to do just that and postpones the fight until then. Trunks, who witnessed this, tried to prevent Cell from carrying out this intention. Kuririn, for his part, has also reached the scene with the remote control to switch off the cyborgs and wants to deactivate and destroy C18 so that Cell cannot implement his plan. But he doesn't have the heart to switch off C18 in cold blood and gives her life. But only to find out that Cell has now also discovered C 18 and pounces on it. (Text: RTL II)

  • 159. The beginning of the end

    Vegeta allows Cell to get back on the hunt for 18C so that he can complete his evolution. But Trunks minds that. He attacks Cell, but finds that his father Vegeta is so obsessed with the idea of ​​defeating Cell himself that he even turns against his own son. Cell uses the confusion created to actually absorb C18. Now he is perfect, the ultimate warrior, and eager to put his new skills to the test. (Text: RTL II)

  • 160. Perfection

    Cell transforms into its perfect shape. He has absorbed 18C and is now becoming the ultimate warrior. Trunks, who makes a desperate attempt to prevent the transformation after all, can do nothing about it. Meanwhile, Gohan is finally making progress in training with Goku in the space of spirit and time. He now also manages to transform into a Super Saiyan. The training can therefore go into the next phase and that will be sorely needed for a fight against Cell. (Text: RTL II)

  • 161. Vegeta in distress

    Vegeta, who still believes he is superior to Cell, goes on the attack. But Cell remains unaffected. So takes on the fight and goes for Cell. But he realizes that Cell has gained at least enough strength by absorbing C18 that they are equal to each other. Cell doesn't mind any of Vegeta's attacks. And Cell didn't even hit back. A little confused and quite angry, Vegeta now starts with everything he has. (Text: RTL II)

  • 162. Ultra Saiyan Trunks

    After his transformation, Cell can no longer be stopped. Vegeta tries what he can to harm Cell, but even his Final Flash, which can destroy entire planets, does not help. He tears off one of Cell's arms, but since this is also a descendant of Piccolo, a new arm is simply regenerated. And then Cell strikes back and sends Vegeta to the mat. Trunks, having seen it all, is waiting for this very moment to transform into an ultra-Saiyan. He didn't want to snub his father Vegeta by showing him that he is stronger than him. But now he pounces on Cell. (Text: RTL II)

  • 163. Trunks versus Cell

    The fight between Cell and Vegeta is over, and Vegeta lies defeated in the dust. Trunks transforms into an Ultra Saiyan and pounces on Cell. However, he does not fight with all his might, because he only wants to distract Cell from Vegeta for the time being so that Kuririn can bring him to safety. And although Cell sees this intention very well, he allows Vegeta to be saved. Now it remains to be seen whether Trunks' new strength will suffice to put Cell in its place. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 164. For a better future

    Trunks and Cell face each other. Before the fight starts, Trunks explains why he has to destroy Cell. In the future from which he comes, all Z-fighters and also Vegeta have been killed by the cyborgs C17 and C18, who are now leading a reign of terror. To prevent this from happening, he went back in time to thwart Cell's plans. The odds are not bad, as even Cell admits that Trunks is superior to him in strength. But that doesn't seem to worry him too much. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 165. Cell's idea

    Cell, who admits that Trunks is superior in strength after being transformed into an Ultra Saiyan, claims that it will not change the outcome of the fight. Trunks doesn't believe him and goes after Cell with everything he has. Cell successfully dodges each of his blows. The explanation for this phenomenon is provided by Son Goku, who also managed to achieve the fighting power of an ultra-Saiyajin in the space of spirit and time. Bored of the unequal fight, Cell proposes a tournament that is about nothing less than the whole world. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 166. A new big tournament?

    After Cell's proposal to hold a tournament, the astonishment among the Z-fighters is great. And to discuss how to proceed, everyone meets at Bulma. They roll over a wide variety of theories. Since Trunks was the one to whom Cell first revealed his intention, he tries to shed some light on the darkness. Which doesn't change the fact that he has to be defeated. Cell is now busy preparing the ring for the Cell games. So it can start soon. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 167. Just a little announcement

    There is great uncertainty among the Z-Fighters about Cell's true plans. In order not to be completely unprepared, start training. Cell announced that he would be televising the details of his plan. And that's what he does now: The tournament will take place in nine days, the rules are the same as for the big tournaments. Whoever leaves the ring, gives up or is killed has lost. Anyone who thinks they have a chance against Cell can compete. However, the stakes are higher than ever: Cell threatens to kill every single person on earth if he himself wins the tournament. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 168. Goku is back

    After Cell announced his tournament on television, panic breaks out on earth. People make a useless attempt to hide from him en masse. Meanwhile, in God's palace, Son-Goku and Son-Gohan come out of the space of spirit and time and let them report what happened. Goku decides to take a look at Cell himself. When he did that, he made a startling prognosis: He doubts he'll be up to Cell. But obviously he has some kind of plan. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 169. Wait and drink tea

    Goku and Gohan have returned from the space of spirit and time and have learned everything important about the upcoming Cell Games. Although everyone is very worried whether Cell can be defeated, Goku is calm. His plan is to take three days of vacation, three days of training and another three days of vacation. In addition, on the way back to earth he makes a short stop at Master Quince and asks him for his opinion on the matter. Master Quince doesn't think Son-Goku Cell will have grown. Even so, Goku is apparently not afraid and goes fishing with his son. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 170. Reunion with Tao Baibai

    Although Goku has decided to take a vacation before the upcoming Cell Games, life for him and his family is not as light-hearted as it should be. With all other people fleeing, the cities are deserted. Gohan can convince the townspeople to return to their normal life by assuring them that Cell will be killed in the course of the Cell games. But he's not so sure about that himself. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 171. The time was fine

    Son Goku, Son Gohan and Kuririn spend the first three days of their vacation at Chichi. Goku goes fishing with Kuririn, Gohan is studying for school. Chichi is preparing a small birthday party because Gohan has grown a year older in the space of spirit and time, even if only one day passed outside. Taking a wistful look back at the youth of Gohan, there are also a few stories from when Gohan was a baby. (Text: Tele 5)

  • 172. Attack on Cell

    In view of the impending danger, the army is even sent against Cell, but Cell dismantles the entire armed force with a single attack. Although the end of the world seems inevitable, Goku stays calm and enjoys his free time. Only when he learns of the massacre of the army does he go in search of a Namek who should take the vacant post of God to activate the dragon balls and thus revive Cell's victims. (Text: Tele 5)

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