Do men have a beauty operation

Cosmetic surgery : More and more men are being lifted

The clientele of cosmetic surgeons is getting older. According to the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, last year female patients were on average 42.2 years old, male 44.4 years - while the 18 to 30 year olds only made up 24.5 percent.

The high proportion of women remained unchanged, making up 86 percent of the patients. They were most often about breast augmentation (20.4 percent). This means that the rate has risen again for the first time since the PIP implant scandal became known. The scandal surrounding the French company Poly Implant Proth├Ęse (PIP) became known in 2010: PIP had filled its breast implants with cheaper industrial silicone instead of special silicone. In Germany alone, it is estimated that around 6,000 women were affected.

According to the association, the average age of women who have implants placed in their breasts is 31.7 years. So this type of plastic surgery has the youngest patients. The average age for liposuction is just under 42 years. When lifting the facial skin, the patients are on average almost 57 years old.

Men have their eyelids tightened and fat suctioned off

Men went under the knife mainly for eyelid tightening (20.6 percent) and liposuction (18.3 percent). However, their facelift also increased significantly by 8.4 percent (previous year: 3.6 percent). Because of their ears, 6.9 percent of male patients came to have their abdominal wall tightened or their sweat glands treated, 6.1 percent.

Of the women, 12.2 percent had their eyelids tightened and 9.2 percent had their fat removed by suction. The face lift on the forehead or neck came to 6.1 percent, the tightening of the chest to 5.6 percent. The lips could be corrected 4.8 percent, the nose operated 4.2 percent.

From an international perspective, Germany is one of the ten countries with the most cosmetic surgeries. According to the association, one reason for this is medical tourism.

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