SpaceX will create an advanced propulsion division

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1136001 But that same year he came to Basel, where he found a job as a shift worker at Ciba-Geigy.1136002 But in the autumn of the same year, Bernanke launched QE2.1136003 But in this case an absolute world-class team like world champion Germany or European championship defending champion Spain still threatens as opponents.1136004 But the federal prosecutors are still investigating Behring for fraud, criminal association and unfaithful management.1136005 But 760 kilometers still flow in straightened and canalized channels, 960 kilometers are completely overturned and built over.1136006 But the “Sparrow of Paris” is still one of France's most important cultural ambassadors.1136007 But there are still a number of paintings whose origins show gaps or where there are claims by descendants of previous owners.1136008 But there are still vacancies.1136009 But there are still too few educators.1136010 But the government of Alexis Tsipras has still not submitted a list of reform proposals in return for further aid.1136011 But the transfer is still not wrapped up.1136012 But the yuan is still pegged to the US dollar and interventions by the Chinese central bank under the leadership of Zhou Xiaochuan are the order of the day.1136013 But every fourth Dortmund resident is still at risk of poverty. 5 comments print article Symbolic picture: In Dortmund the poverty rate has fallen - nevertheless every fourth inhabitant is threatened by poverty.1136014 But the financing is still not even secured.1136015 But it is still unclear whether and - if so - with which engine Red Bull will compete in 2016.1136016 But it is still unclear how the man in custody was so badly injured that he fell into a coma and died.1136017 But reason can still prevail in the end - if the effort is recognizable on both sides.1136018 But some banks are still stuck with the reimbursement.1136019 But Samsung still uses an opt-out procedure here: the displays are active by default and the user only has to switch them off if he does not want them.1136020 But still (or again) stickers are hanging on the stops.1136021 But the efforts are still not enough.1136022 But there are still 2,000 migrants off the coast of Burma in the hands of smugglers.1136023 But the US is still the greatest military power: $ 610 billion is spent annually - that's 34 percent of the world's $ 1.8 trillion that goes into the military sector.1136024 However, funds that were collected after the 2004 tsunami or the 2010 Haiti earthquake have still not been distributed.1136025 But many users are still talking about the D2 network today.1136026 But the procedure is still largely on hold, at least in Europe.1136027 But the trip is still subject to management reservations, the top ministry has not yet approved.1136028 But tens of thousands of people around the world are still dying of the deadly infectious disease, as researchers have now discovered.1136029 But there were still problems with the electronics.1136030 But the dirt is still piling up, especially in the side streets and residential areas.1136031 But still the appearance of the «People's Party» surrounds them.1136032 But veterinarians still prescribe antibiotics too often to prevent animal diseases and thereby promote the development of new resistances.1136033 However, around 3,000 people are still waiting in a tent camp for the opportunity to cross the tunnel.1136034 But 85 rescue workers are still missing in the rubble.1136035 But 95 people are still missing, most of them fire fighters.1136036 But people are still being rescued alive from the rubble.1136037 But tons of neonicotinoids are still being used in Europe and around the world.1136038 Last year, however, the opposition leader compared Smolensk with the 9/11 attacks and identified a new investigation as a central political task.1136039 But the Westphalia turned the game in the first half.1136040 But everything is still possible for the people of Baden.1136041 But there is still a lot to do on the complex.1136042 But the podium in the press room is still empty.1136043 But the anti-euro party is not over yet.1136044 But the mission is not over yet.1136045 But the single is not yet successful, partly because of the unimaginative offer.1136046 But the total is not yet together, and there is disagreement as to what may be added.1136047 But it is still a taboo in this country to talk about it openly.1136048 But it's not that far yet.1136049 But it's not that far yet: The Hanover Fair is full of industrial companies that rely on networked production.1136050 But it's still too early to breathe a sigh of relief.1136051 But it is still too early to say clearly whether a Syrian was actually involved in the attacks (follow the reporting here in the live blog).1136052 But nothing has been won yet, says chart analyst Holger Struck - and states the conditions for sustainable recovery.1136053 But nothing has been won yet, says FOCUS online expert Holger Struck - and names conditions for sustainable recovery.1136054 But there is still no time for nostalgia: On July 10th the captain will be on the way with the "Rainbow Warrior III" to protect the threatened Great Barrier Reef from Australia: "My job is to save the planet."1136055 But it has not yet been decided whether the Rauten-Dilettanten will pay reparations to the annex again.1136056 However, "Open Data" is still a niche topic in Switzerland compared to the USA and Great Britain, for example.1136057 But it's still winter in Ukraine.1136058 But the center-left can't breathe easy yet.1136059 But still comes.1136060 But shortly before the start of the meeting in the Chancellery, the dispute came to a head.1136061 But by no means everyone will kill themselves immediately.1136062 But there are still "13 finals" (Stipic) ahead of the Saxons.1136063 But it is even more surprising than the rapid disintegration that Switzerland was able to keep its banking secrecy for so long.1136064 But animal observation plays an important role for expressive photos even more than technical aspects.1136065 But the country cannot afford any more multi-billion dollar social projects.1136066 But the scientists still have to be patient: The rover, which could explore the region, is not due to start until 2020.1136067 But silver has yet to prove whether it has the strength to make further gains.1136068 But not all users can use the Whatsapp Web Client yet.1136069 But the one-man entrepreneur Romano Agola (51) from Ramsei BE has never had such a large order: he worked on the Morgarten for over seven months.1136070 But the functions have never been implemented so consistently and without frills: "One push of a button and you're on the air."1136071 But it has never been so easy to get a title.1136072 But never before has the endangered area been shown in such detail.1136073 But it is still of little use.1136074 But Europeans, Chinese and Americans are still struggling to implement it.1136075 But researchers are still puzzling over the cause: Was it the declining steel production?1136076 But the growth achieved was not yet sufficient to absorb the massively increased costs of the enlarged and more complex organization.1136077 But the bottom of the lows doesn't seem to have been found yet.1136078 But Köppel's respect for Blocher still seems to be so great that he rejects the role of Crown Prince: “Christoph Blocher is an exception, I feel admiration and gratitude for him.1136079 But the greens are even worse, such as. this Green Peter.1136080 But even worse: Ferrari drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel placed between Hamilton ("I am really very happy.") And Rosberg.1136081 But it is still too early to answer the question, says Bakom.1136082 But fuel cell vehicles are still rarities.1136083 But the effects of the construction stop are still difficult to assess.1136084 But the glacier knives of the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) are still on their way on around a hundred ice streams.1136085 But most European users are still nationally oriented and pay the most to see their local sports line.1136086 According to the EU, not all homework has been done yet.1136087 But not all of the assassins' accomplices have been captured, and the police are still missing pieces of the puzzle in their investigations.1136088 But he's not yet playing at the level that made him a shooting star in his first games in the NHL.1136089 But it is still 0-0 - clearly too little for the Stevens-Elf, who should reward themselves for the extra effort in the second round.1136090 But their eyes do not meet yet.1136091 But nothing is happening yet, the figures that a cable connects to laptops on the tables do not move.1136092 But the sender is even more surprising: US rapper Kanye West.1136093 But it is even more unbearable that such incidents have actually occurred, that fiction has long been overtaken by reality.1136094 But the interior is even more eye-catching, which mostly consists of well-known designer furniture and an industrial style that is expressed, for example, in huge workshop lamps and raw brick walls.1136095 But even more than the respectable profit, CEO Martin Winterkorn should be pleased that the line was finally drawn under one of the most unpleasant chapters in the company's recent history.1136096 But the view of the table is even nicer when you win games.1136097 But 45 years ago, sport was not allowed in this country. In 1955, the DFB decided on its association day to ban football games with women's teams.