What was Humayun known for?

Humayun Khan: the dead soldier who made Trump tremble


Thanks to Trump's recent verbal derailment, a fallen US soldier of Pakistani origin became posthumously famous. Who was Humayun Khan and what did he fight for?

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Humayun Khan, US soldier with the rank of captain, was 27 years old when he fell into a deadly trap during a mission in Iraq. It is June 8, 2004. The young captain calls out to his troops to “take cover” when he sees the taxi heading at high speed towards the entrance to his army base in the city of Baquba. A few steps and breaths later, the explosion of a car bomb weighing more than 100 kilograms brought his life to an abrupt end.

So far a sad story for many. Until a disrespectful comment by US presidential candidate Donald Trump, known for his irreverent disrespect, posthumously made Humayun Khan's fate known to a large media audience.

A further biographical detail - crucial for the current occasion - led to this: Humayun Khan was an American Muslim, part of a minority and one of over six thousand Muslim soldiers who have served or have served in the US Army since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the fallen man's parents, appeared at the Democratic Congress in Philadelphia. The Republican presidential candidate has sacrificed "nothing and nobody so far," said Khizr Khan against Donald Trump. And Trump should just go to Arlington and look at the graves of US soldiers in the cemetery - soldiers of all ethnicities and beliefs.

Trump's reaction, insensitive at best, was not long in coming. Using ethnic stereotypes, he mocked the fact that Khan's wife had been silent during the performance in Philadelphia - which she later justified by saying that she was unable to speak because of the sadness and emotions. He also made a lot of sacrifices, Trump said. And in this context he cited his professional achievements. This outraged not only the parents of the fallen man, but all of America. Perhaps, so the tenor in the US media, Polterer Trump has gone too far this time and is in danger of losing followers.

A portrait of the US news channel CNN now presents the young man, whose fate indirectly started the latest Trump shitstorm.

Born in the United Arab Emirates, Humayun Khan immigrated to the United States with his Pakistani parents and two brothers as a boy. The family settled in Maryland near the US capital Washington D.C. in the 1980s. low. It was there that Khan graduated from high school and received a degree in psychology. To finance his law studies, he signed with the US Army: “Like many immigrants, we came to this country empty-handed. We believed in American democracy and the good in this country. About the fact that with hard work we can do our part and participate in it, ”said Father Khizr Khan at the end of July at the US Democratic Party conference in Maryland.

He came as a bringer of peace, not a conqueror

His chiefs in the army promote Humayun Khan to captain - and send him to the Iraq war. It was bloody there in 2004. As an orderly officer of the infantry, Khan is responsible, among other things, for the security of his army base. In addition, he is involved in an army project to promote entrepreneurship among Iraqi citizens. “He wanted to help, to make peace,” says his father. Until that fatal day when a car bomb put an abrupt end to this request: "We will never forget it and what it stood for." Words from Kahn's commander, Lt. Col. Dan Mitchell, at his funeral. He was buried with military honors in the US Army National Cemetery in Washington D.C., Arlington Cemetery.

Trump went a step too far for many

His grave is currently becoming a place of pilgrimage for indignant and patriotic citizens of all stripes, religions and races. Since the case became known, countless visitors every day - outraged by Trump's disrespect - put down flowers and cards.