What is the Highest Mortgage Rate Ever

Eight scenarios: the consequences of higher interest rates

Actually, they should no longer exist, but they continue to produce: the zombie companies only survive thanks to the low interest rates. But as soon as the cost of capital increases, the undead will perish - and then in rows. Recently, several large studies have been devoted to the phenomenon. The OECD calculated that even in Germany 12 percent of companies should be labeled as zombies. However, the Bundesbank itself came up with lower values ​​of 2 to 4.7 percent.

There are several test questions that can be used to arrest the zombies: How many companies have had problems in recent years to finance debt servicing from their operational business? How did the relationship between start-ups and bankruptcies change - was the number of company closures inexplicably low?

Switzerland was not included in the studies, probably also because there is a lack of objects: Do you know a Swiss zombie company with low interest rates? The number of company closings has risen steadily in recent years - another indicator of a certain “hygiene” - and junk bond financing is unusual. "There are not many bankruptcies because of over-indebted companies," reports Silvan Müggler from the construction industry, a capital-intensive sector. "The banks are cautious about lending to construction companies, on the other hand, the typical construction company is rather skeptical of too much outside capital."